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    In spite of / and despite

    :cry: Dear Friend, please could you please explain me the diferente between: SPITE OF and Despite Please give some examples of each of them Thank you, Nelly
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    [Essay] My Childhood

    Dear Friend: It's my pleasure to write you and ask for help, I would like from you to correct my easy and give some advices of this. Thanks very much in Advance, Nelly My Childhood I would like to talk about some interesting experiences during my childhood. In this opportunity my tale...
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    Highly Appreciate Vs. Highly Aprreciated

    Dear Teacher: I wrote a note last week, saying: I highly appreciate to send timely comunication to Mr. Mark Perens, etc.... Question: Highly appreciate, is it right? I was reading in this website Adverb Highly, then I have a doub Thank for your answer, Nelly:oops:
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    Energetic Poverty Around the World

    Hi All Teacher and Members: I beg your help, I have to write about the lack of energy, but I am not sure about the expresssion: "Energetic Poverty", wich that's mean Countries that not have enoug energetic resorces, like fuel and gas, :-|, thank for your help, Nelly