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    how to pronounce foreign names?

    Hello. How to pronounce foreign names like Juan, Jose, Jesus, Javier, Ángel and etc. in English? These names are from Spanish. I know how to pronounce them (because I'm learning Spanish too) in Spanish. Are they pronounced like in mother tongue? Thanks in advance, Nickle.
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    aren't I

    Hello everyone. Is it correct: "I'm a teacher, aren't I?" but "I'm not a teacher, am I?" Thanks in advnace, Nickle.
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    To whom I should give this book

    Hello everyone. I have questions about "whom" and "whose". This thread is about "whom". I can imagine some situations where I could use this word. But I am not sure about the following situation: Let's pretend this: My teacher asked me give this book a boy in the next class. But I don't...
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    Fahrenheit 451

    Hello everyone, Today I have bought a book of Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451". While I was going home I thought: How to pronounce its title correct? 1) Four hundred fifty one degrees of Fahrenheit 2) Four fifty one degrees of Fahrenheit. Or maybe something else. Thanks in advance, Nickle.
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    please, check my letter.

    Hello everyone. I have an exam in the next year and I will have an exercise "letter writing". So, I prepare. today I have wrote this letter, please check it. C1: You have 20 minutes to do this task. You have received a letter from your friend who needs your advice. He writes: ...And now I...
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    EnglishTown. School.

    Hello everyone, Today I have found this site Learn English Online - Englishtown. I saw it a lot of times, but I never thought about it. Maybe somebody from users or teachers can give me a little review about that school. I want to buy a course tomorrow, but maybe someone has a bad opinion...
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    [Grammar] Houston, we have lifted up

    Good evening everoyne! I have heard several times a phrase: "Houston, we have lifted up", but I know just a phrasal verb "lift off". I can give you a video where I have heard this phrase. Maybe I mixed up and the video maker said another phrase instead of "lifted up" Thanks in advance. Nickle.
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    I should pour my grandmothers' plants tomorrow.

    Hello everyone! Today I have a question about a verb "pour". I want to say that tomorrow I must pour the plants, because my grandmother asked me. So, Can I say " I should pour my grandmothers' plants tomorrow" ? Or it sounds strange. Maybe I should use another verb for describing process...
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    as you see vs. how you see

    Hello everyone. I have a trouble with them. Does they have a same meaning? For example: A: Are you tall? B: As you see (or) How you see I think that the second sentence is a question, when the first is not. Am I correct? Does the answer sound aggressively? Thanks in advance. Nickle.
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    though vs. although

    Hello everoyne. I do not know: Is there any differnece between them? To me they have a same meaning. Thanks in advance. Nickle.
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    [Grammar] Check my letter.

    Hello everyone. It is not my homework. I try to write a letter in English, because in the exam I will have this exercise, therefore I want to improve my writing skills and etc. I do not have a teacher who could check it instead of you, so I put it here. C1. You have 20 minute to do this...
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    whole vs. full vs. complete

    Hello everyone, I have never had any problems with them, but for me they have same meanings, therefore I want to know a really difference between them. My dictionaries did not give me a clear answer. For exapmle: All my life I say: the whole world, but can I say: the full world or the...
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    you and yours

    Hello everyone. Does a sentence "I saw your friend" equal to "I saw a friend of yours"? Sorry for the stupid question, but I am a littile bit confused. Thanks in advance. Nickle.
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    Word Up

    Hello everyone. What does mean this word? My dictionary says: word up [as imperative] listen example: word up, my brother, you got me high as a kite But the Urban Dictionary says: word up is "Ok, I agree" So, my question is: "what is the really meaning? " Thanks in advance. Nickle.
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    Sorry, but can I call it a "whirligig" ?