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  • Hi!Thanks again Nicky.
    So,we can use would and could for politeness also.Using could in present is absolutely correct??but that is only when we are asking for something in a polite manner.
    Similar to would is this is also correct??
    Direct -Indirect
    can -could.
    We use shall for future tense.Can you please tell me the proper difference between shall and will.We can use shall and will for the same purpose that is for pointing something that we would be doing in future.so how they differ??
    One more thing if you find any mistakes in my messages then please let me know about it so that i could avoid that mistakes in future.:)
    Auf wiedersehen.
    Hello.thanks Nicky.
    I have some doubts related to the use of would.
    we use would for future tense.suppose i say:
    I would be in college tommorow.
    In this sentence i am not sure whether i will go to college or not.
    so do we use would when we are not sure about something that we are going to do in future??
    hey nicky i am alisha i am the new born member of this site would u plz guide me about this site and make relation that makes my english strong thankx i am waiting for your response
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