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  • It is my own photo.... really a gangster? but I don't like them. lol

    How are you? I hope you are pretty well
    Ich hab eine Namensänderung vor ein paar Wochen beantragt, weil viele Leute mich für eine Frau hielten. Das "165" hab ich beibehalten, damit man mich erkennt.

    The new games which nowadays we [I and my brothers] play are call of duty modern warfare 2, batman arkham asylum, assassin creed 2, battlefield bad company 2, wanted: weapons of fate, GTA EFLC and GTA 4. And there are more.
    momentan ist leider so viel zu tun, aber ich werde ab jetzt wieder öfter hier sein... :)
    hi there, just for a while ^^, ive recently graduated & im willin to finish my higher master eng, wish me luck ;p
    Thanks for your message. I have been away for 5 weeks with only intermittant access to a computer.
    American English is more common than British English in Japan, but there are plenty of British English teachers here.
    You don't like studying at university?:roll:
    Hope to be successful with learning American English language:-D
    So, Do you work?
    Hi my dear:-D
    Yeah, You are right, But if I were Menowin, I just tried to be friend with Mehrzad and help each other to make a great show, I think Menowin was a bit jealous, If you remember Mehrzad (most of the time) tried to make a friendship but Menowin didn't want!:roll: But that was very unbelievable when Mehrzad won, Because diagram show Menowin is winner but German people show another thing and that is great, I hope he produce good music and German or Europe people enjoy alot:-D:cool::up:
    Anyway, Are you studying at university?
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