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  • You are my nice male friend too:-D:cool:
    At the first time I was really sad because jurors voted the Menovin and they were hopeful he would win, I really shocked when I see Mehrzad won and now I'm really happy because German people love him and support him ( Vielen Dank Deutschland:-D:):cool::up:), In Iran we just prayed for him because we couldn't vote:-:)-) And do you know Nina Moghadam is Iranian too?
    I think Menovin had a problem with Mehrzad:roll: But I don't know why? Do you know why?
    Which one do you like Mehrzad or Menovin?
    Hi my nice friend:)
    Do you know the superstar 2010 in Germany was Mehrzad Marashi and he is Iranian?
    In Iran weather was very good (Some days ago), Rainy and a bit cold.:cool::-D
    But now, weather is changeable and I don't like it:-(
    I think is better to stay at home when weather is really cold because your car can't help you;-):cool::roll:
    What about summer? Is weather nice in Germany?:cool::roll:

    Gute Nacht und Bis bald:-D:cool:= Good night and see you soon (Am I right?!:roll::-D)
    Hi Nightmare, the grammatically correct version is "...than I (am)" but most people would say "...than me".
    Hi my friend:)
    Honestly I don't know, I'm not in computer game:roll: Maybe my uncle knows it:) Is it Persian game?:roll:
    Oh, Thank God:)
    Yeah i think my avatar is nice (She seems so brave):);-):cool:
    My real name is samaneh (But i love AMANDA, This is my artistic name):):cool:
    Hi honey,
    Are u better today? Did u go to the doctor?
    I can not upload because this site locked in Iran:0
    I can say yes (The 1st farvardin= The 21st march).
    My avatar is not good??:(:0
    What about your real name?:)
    Hi honey,
    Are u better today? Did u go to the doctor?
    I can not upload because this site locked in Iran:0
    I can say yes (The 1st farvardin= The 21st march).
    My avatar is not good??:(:0
    Oh my BFF i have to go,bedtime, Answer me and i'll check it 2morrow.
    have a good dream and take care.
    BYE BYE:):)
    No problem tell me which city?
    I want to know your real name if u like u can tell me, I want to know!
    I wanted to put my picture but that was in big size so...:):0
    On next saturday spring will start and we celebrate the new year.( In Iran)
    OMG, I'm really sad, I really wish and really hope u will be healthy as soon as possible,
    Snow and rain is continuing? Which city u are living? Because i heard in German news in some cities weather is good!
    I'm good, But when i heard that u are sick i'm sad.
    U were thinking about me?:)
    My dear me too:)
    Honey just take care, drink warm tea, warm milk, wear warm clothes, eat soup, did u go to the doctor?
    Hi Nightmare, I closed a lot of my threads because they had served their purpose. I'm not a fan of Jamiroquai, I like Radiohead a lot and the Rolling Stones, JJ Cale, Cream, Nirvana, Hole etc. etc.
    Hi honey,
    Hey Boy u answer me very late!:0
    Anyway, I'll have a gap and maybe I can not see your replies but after this damn gap:( I'll check your answer:)
    I miss u.
    Yeah, And u are just one German friend that i have:) (Because I love Germany, At first i wish i could find a German friend and now i have it:)) U are right, Germany is a bit far away from Iran, But the important thing is: we can to be best friend (Am I right?!:);)) Not important that we are far away:)
    What about German BOYS?;):)

    I think is not difficult question!;)
    yeah, I mean have u got Iranian friends or sth like this:)
    I didn't get, u mean u know Iranian Girls and u are looking 4 new things?
    Or u don't know Iranian Girls and u want 2 know?:)
    That's right, can I ask a question?
    What do u think or what do heard about Iranian people?(especially Iranian Girls;):))
    I can speak French fairly well, my wife is French (bilingual in English and French) and my daughter is also bilingual.
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