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    [Grammar] Just as/Just

    Hey guys, It's been some years... but I'm back :-) Seems like a lof of things have changed here (forum style, users, mods etc.) Anyway, I'm not sure which (one?) of the following versions is correct: Person 1: 1 million + 1 million is 2 million. Person 2: I wish I was just half as smart as you...
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    Make + be

    Hi friends, It's been a while. :-) Should I use be in these sentences? What makes you be his friend? What makes you be the number one? In my opinion be should be used here. It's my instinct that tells me that. :-) Cheers!
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    I've just realized...

    Hey guys, What would you choose? I've just realized you are not my friend. I've just realized you were not my friend. I've just realized you had not been my friend. In my opinion I should use sentence 3, even if I'm talking about now. Look: I realized you are not my friend. I realized you...
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    We all + verb; We verb + all

    Hello guys, I'm always confused when I write such sentences: They all are humans. They are all humans. We all should go. We should all go. You all may leave now. You may all leave now. Somehow I prefer the 1st versions, however, this small video proves (says) the opposite: YouTube - Everyone...
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    to rise the white flag

    Hello, Can I use the sentence, "We rise the white flag." to say that we surrender? P.S. I hope I did not confuse rise with raise... Edit Oh, I think I should have used raise. Cheers!
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    Let or make?

    Hey my dear English friends, Which sentence would you choose? He doesn't let you look good. He doesn't make you look good. I would have chosen #1, but only because it sounds similar to German. Cheers!
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    Don't forget always...

    Hi friends, Does this sentence have two meanings? Don't forget always to retighten the screws. In this situation I want to tell the listener that he should always retighten the screws. I do not want to tell him that he always forgets to do that! Does this mean I should say: Don't forget to...
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    "Know" or "Know about"?

    Hi friends, Do we usually know someone and know about something? Do you know that? I know that guy. My new car is pretty fast, which is logical because of its 150 hp. I know (about) your car's hp. Once Raymott said, "In English we usually know about problems." So are there differences between...
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    Is "used to" really needed here?

    Hey guys, Yesterday I was talking to a friend regarding the English language. He had to pass an English seminar for his army job. Then he gave me this example: When I was young I often played football. When I was young I often used to play football. He said the correct answer was sentence #2...
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    So long

    Hello, I know what "So long" means, but I always wondered why it is like it is. Is it something like, "It will take so long to see you again." or what could it be? To me it always sounded a bit sad when someone said, "So long.". Cheers!
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    To + gerund

    Hello my friends, It's weekend and this means I'm here again ;-) :-D I heard such expressions some weeks ago: Don't you realize how close you('ve) just came to killing yourself? It's nice to meeting you. Both scenes: YouTube - to_gerund (07 seconds.) Normally I would have used kill and meet in...
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    We've worked together for ten years

    Hello friends, Months ago I learned some differences between the Present Perfect Progressive and the Present Perfect Simple. The first one is used when you talk about the duration and the second one when you talk about results. (Of course this "definition" is not the ultimate one, though...) I...
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    too and either

    Hey, A while ago I learned the difference between too and either. P1: I like this song. P2: I like it too. P1: I don't like this song. P2: I don't like it either. What about this?: P1: I don't like this song. P1: Don't you like it too? Should I use either for the last sentence? Cheers!
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    Can and going to

    Hello friends, Would you consider this sentence as correct? Can you help me? I can and am going to help you. Of course I could also say, "I can and will help you.", but I would like to know if the 1st version is correct too. Cheers!
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    Some and any

    Hello guys, I've been having some problems with some and any for time. In school I learned a clear rule: Use some when the sentence is a positive statement or a question whose result should be yes. I have some friends. Can I have some coffee, please? Okay, but there are some questionable...