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    Hi --

    i thank the topic writer for reminding me that i gotta improve my accent for the future.. and thanks to the answer writer for giving us solutions.. lol ;-)
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    Have a look OR take a look

    you know, your way of teaching is sooo good, this is the first time i understand something so quick .! thanks for your effort
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    asking you about the SLEP TEST

    i was wondering if you have an example of the SLEP TEST because i need it for practicing on it for my SLEP TEST exam that belongs to a scholarship. if you have it could you please send it and send the hardest level of it .. thanks a lot nosayr a member of your site
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    Whole & All

    i guess after "all" should come "of" and after "whole" should come a noun.. whats ur opinion ?
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    Ending a letter 2

    dear saleemabu, i think the sentence : I look forwad to hearing from you , makes more sense than the other one because after "TO" comes the verb with -ing. try to explor the other polls about what comes after look forwad to... after all, they all complete the same meaning thanks
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    Present Perfect

    hey, the answer goes like that: i have been trying to choose the right answer all day long ,yet, i didn't manage to do that . was that right?;-)
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    wow, sometimes i get so amazed of the way you teach here, its so simple and lovely to learn from , but i have yet to study english more :-D ;-)
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    Ending a letter

    its like im looking forward to becoming active in this forum :-D :-D :-D
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    failed this time,!!! i voted for the first option.. good luck to me next time :oops: :lol:
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    A or An?

    it should be "A" because U is the first letter of the word universal , and we say "a" universal