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    The plan was proved a failure.

    In logic " The plan was proved a failure." is good. Is it right and why? Please help me . Thank you very much!
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    [Grammar] especially is he /did shakespeare

    Are these acceptable? Newton is a mathematician; especially is he a physicist. Shakespeare wrote a lot of peoms; especially had Shakespeare written many tragedies. If not , please give me an example each. Thanks a lot!
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    Teacher is 5jj .

    Can we say like this : Teacher is 5jj who has helped a lot of students. Because I came across the one: "Cantankerous chap Roger always was." Is the conclusion right? When a noun is put at the beginning of a sentence as a complement of the subject ,the indefinite article before it can be...
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    "Look, my advice to you is avoid Tom Mackenzie like the plague. "(FL90.3.33) So by imitation I made " His fancy is study philosophy." Hence comes the conclusion:"Infinitive without to can be used as a completement." What do you think of the above? Thanks!
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    Do is ...

    According to a Chinese scholar of English,"An infinitive without to as the completement of subject can be in the front of a sentence, for example, Die is the last thing I shall do, doctor." (NG1493) Hence comes the one by me , "Swim is I want to learn this summer." What do you think of the two...
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    [Grammar] If Rechard was

    Dear teachers, How do you think of these? " 1.If Rechard was at the recepion last night, he must have been presented to the president. 2.If Rechard spoke at the recepion last night, he must have been presented to the president." I don't think they are right.(EC86.5.20),because they expressed...
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    we do:

    Please help me with "we do:" in the quote: "We may not brand the unemployed with a red-hot iron today, but sear their minds with criticism we do: the 'deserving' and 'not deserving' poor still exist." Somebody says it is ...but we do sear ... But I don't think so,bedause: 1.I haven't come...
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    [Vocabulary] Study collocates with hard

    In answering my question a teacher said:"Study collocates with hard". Though I have The "Kenkyusha's New Dictionary of English collocations" ,and I looked up the word "hard", I found lnothing helpful for me. Will you tell me how to study collocaties,and what dictionaries are better? I come to...
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    That was the most unkindest cut of all

    Hi, teacher, "That was the most unkindest cut of all." sounds strange to me. I can't understand it. Why is there "the most" before " unkindest" , the adjective in superlative degree? Thanks!
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    He learns English hard, does John.

    Teachers, Are the sentences right? 1.He learns English hard, does John. 2. She’s had a hard life, has Ma Parker. Thanks!
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    [Grammar] let him try ever so hard...

    Teachers , can we say "Let him try ever so hard, he cannot pass."? Thanks!
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    wumen as we are

    Is the sentence acceptable? Women as/ although we are, we can raise up half the sky. Thanks!
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    [Grammar] Do + S ...

    Hi, A happy new year to you! Are these acceptable? 1.Bless God you! 2.Win we the war! 3.A success be you this time! If not , why? Thanks!
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    In an English -chinese dictionary I read the three :"Thus began an intricate minuet between us and the Chinese. Thus far may you go and no father." Can we say: 1.Thus do we study today.2.Thus far may go you/the student. Thank you , teachers!
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    [Vocabulary] Never + nouns in plural

    Please tell me whether we can say "Never children are so naughty as Bill." and why. Thank you,teachers!