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  • I'll keep that in mind. I googled mazurek and it's not something I'd want to eat.

    There are lots of delicious Eastern European desserts here. Some of them are probably better than the so called "authentic" items.

    Actually, we have a little Poland here in TO. They have really good bakeries and there's a huge Polish festival sometime in the fall I think. They have nice treats there too.
    A lesser babka?! I think not!! =)

    I agree. I had imagined something delicious. I wish I stayed with that delusion rather than having all my fantasies about Eastern European Easter desserts shattered. Now I'm a broken husk of my former self....
    After all this babka talk I went and bought one. It wasn't that good. =( Actually I didn't like it.
    Hej, nyota! I Tobie życzę dobrej Wielkanocy. Jak przygotowania, wszystko gotowe? U mnie już błyszczy i pachnie aromatem do ciast! ;-)
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