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    let versus have

    Dear teachers, Would you be kind enough as to help me understand the difference between these two sentences? I will not have you do to him what you did to me. I will not let you do to him what you did to me. The way I see it, the only difference is that 'have' seems to be slightly more...
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    Meaning of 'to dog mouth'

    Dear teachers, It's been a long time. Hope this new thread finds you all well. Anyway, I'd like to ask if I am correct in assuming that 'to dog mouth somebody' means the same as 'to mouth off...'. Many thanks. Offroad
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    'think so' vs 'should think so'

    Dear teachers Am I correct in assuming the main difference between 'I think so' and 'I should think so' is that second adds more emphasis with the 'should'. Thank you
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    pay - noun acting like a verb

    Dear teachers, Are these correct? If I wanted to lower the monthly pay to $84 I would need to be subject to a deductible of $10,000.00 and have to remove prescription drugs benefits Thank you
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    'run off of gas' vs 'run on gas'

    Dear teachers, Do these have the same meaning? We have a boiler/chiller system that is run off of gas. We have a boiler/chiller system that is run on gas. Thank you
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    'there ever was' vs 'there has ever been'

    Be the most committed guy there ever was. Be the most committed guy that there has ever existed/been. Dear teachers, Are those correct English? Thank you
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    I'm travelling/I've been travelling

    Dear teachers, Is there any difference between these sentences? I'm travelling a lot these days. I've been travelling a lot these days. Thank you
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    To be told

    Dear teachers I'm not entirely sure if I understand this sentence right. She tells me you're a pilot. Does that mean I was told, or she told me that someone's a pilot? or does it imply this event has happened more than once? Is it the same as 'I understand you're a pilot'. Thank you.
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    I've had a cold for the last week

    Dear teachers, Could you help me understand this construction? I've had a cold for the last week. I feel terrible. (Swan, 2005) Altough I have no doubts this sentence is correct - once I took it from the reference above - I must confess I couldn't understand it at first. I would have replaced...
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    for vs of

    Dear teachers, Is there any difference between these two? This is the number for/of the office. Thank you
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    [Vocabulary] Proper salutation

    Dear teachers I was requested to write a recommendation letter myself so my reference would send it overseas. The problem is that when addressing myself, I used my first name instead of 'Mr + my last name'. So I would like to know if that is inappropriate, impolite, incorrect or if it would...
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    [Vocabulary] to eat

    Dear teachers, Could you help me understand the meaning of 'ate' in this sentence? At times certain centres provide housing and can be convenient since they ate all on the train line that comes to Wyndmoor station. The context suggests that by 'them' the author meant 'previous visitors' . I...
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    [Vocabulary] to get to thinking about

    Dear teachers Am I right with the following interpretation? I got to thinking about what we can learn from him. The underlined part could be replaced with the following: I was thinking... I happened to think... Thank you
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    Aimed to ..., they were

    Dear teachers Does this passage read well? Aimed to bring their ailing son home, they were granted funds to travel abroad. Thank you
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    [Vocabulary] Put my hand

    Dear teachers Is this sentence below idiomatic? I put my hand to establish the partnership. As I understand it, 'put my hand' is close in meaning to 'make oneself available'. Thank you