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    [General] English test

    Hello guys, I would like some volunteers to help me with a research project. I need people who started learning English at the age of 13 or later. All you have to do is take a test consisting of 10 tasks. Here is the link: English test.doc (click 'pobierz ten plik' to download). When you are...
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    Hey, could someone tell me what the word 'punter' means in this particular sentence: I was a bit nervous going into it as I've read either bad reviews (broadsheets) or very good ones (tabloids, punters & Jonathan Ross). It is from a review of Johnny English. The meaning I found in most...
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    Information needed

    This site may be helpful: BBC Learning English | Pronunciation Tips
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    Do you use Twitter?

    I think Twitter is the most overrated social networking website EVER.
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    Help me to fill two gap!

    1. No idea 2. on
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    The word 'press'

    I have to write an essay on American press but I'm confused because I don't really know what the word press refers to nowadays - is it only the traditional press such as printed magazines and newspapers, or should I also refer to the Internet, television and radio?
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    Earth Hour 2009

    If care about our planet and want to show your support in the battle against global warming, please switch off the lights for an hour tonight (from 8.30 to 9.30pm). To read more about the Earth Hour, visit its official website: Earth Hour
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    correction please , help needed /appreciated.

    I would like to apply for a place on your English language course starting at the beginning of June. I am PhD graduate in Pharmacology (have been studying in Russia). There is a wide range of interesting (English) resources related to my studies. Mastering English would certainly benefit my...
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    Is this sentence correct

    I don't think many folks will be able to understand it or I don't think many folks would be able to understand this. Would means that something is less likely to happen For some examples and a more detailed explanation, visit this thread: Will or Would - WordReference Forums
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    Letter of complaint

    Thank a lot guys!:-D
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    Letter of complaint

    I know, it was just a typo :-P
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    Formal thank-you letter

    Dear Mr Surname, I would like to thank you for all the things you have done to help me with preparing for the Final Exam. I am especially grateful for your patience and kindness. I must mention, that the time I started preparing for the exam, I was completely unconfident about my skills and I...
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    Letter of complaint

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with the Spanish course I attended during the summer holidays. I stayed with a very unfriendly Spanish family. They were rude to me and were constantly making fun of the Poles. Moreover, there was supposed to be an...
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    perfect wallpapers

    ^What city is it in the last picture? It looks really cool, IMO.
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    Music game!

    Nothing Compares To You