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    Love or lust?

    Dear Devil, Don't confuse ! just ask yourself are you love him ? If the answer is yes everything go good, else try to a void all this matter , let your answer depend from you feeling with him
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    have you got facebook?

    what is the facebook ?
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    where are you form?

    I am from khartoum-sudan
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    New Members - Introduce yourself here (2)

    Hi I am omer from sudan my tune is arabic then try to learn English and practical it here. I hope everybody go on and share our knowledge with ourselves.
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    International Café [Part 2]

    hello, i am a new member here :up:
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    let as knew

    Hi Hortence, about your question (What is the main topic of conversation in your country?) My main topic in my country is the multicultural ,there are more than 100 tribe there all of them with different rote , also the weather still big matter it is very hot and we have only 3 seasons really ...
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    let as knew

    Sudan is large country ,it the biggest country in Africa . last time ago sudan suffer a lot with darfour crisis ,but now it began to solve it. Sudan is agricultural country , I ll be back:roll:
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    let as knew

    hi members, I have idea we come from different country ,can all members talk about them country's? i think that is very useful to knew a new culture and let us write something to improve our language . not worry if you haven't a strong vocabulary try to write at lest one sentence. with regard
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    HI from sudan

    Dear Teacher,Members, I am omer osman from sudan , I am very happy to be here that is first time for me to join English site . i am really want to improve my language can I do it here ? with regard, omer