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    follow up with/on or just a patient

    "Under some circumstances, medical services require that the physician follow up with the patient to ensure their well-being and provide additional treatment when necessary." Do I need to use 'follow up with', 'follow up on' or 'follow up' in the above sentence?
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    An/the agreement

    If an agreement with a certain company and a specific date is mentioned for the first time, does it take the indefinite or definite article as in "A quality agreement with Professional Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. dated 22.03.2016 stipulates the following:..."?
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    past perfect+beofre the year

    Is it Ok to use the past perfect tense with "before the year 2019" as in "I'm going to share with you some information that had been collected before the year 2019."?
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    compliant with for in compliance with

    Would it work to substitute 'compliant with' for 'in compliance with' at the beginning of a sentence as in "Compliant with a court order, the company has ceased operations."?
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    At a later date+exact date

    Can the expression ''at a later date'' be followed by an exact date as in 'At a later date, on November 9th, the separation of forces was kicked off'?
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    manufacturer+the name of a company

    Does the word manufacturer take an article when followed by the name of a company as in 'the manufacturer Yahcheng Jiangzhou Chemical Co. Ltd. has been aprroved'? Does it take the indefinite article or does it not tak ean article?
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    not sure if 'the' needed

    "The parties will discuss a broad range of issues of bilateral cooperation in political, security and investment sectors." Would there need to be 'the' as in " the political, security, and investment sectors."?
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    informarion from for to obtain information from

    Would it make sense to say ''The patient has the right to credible information from the provider of medical services'' to mean that they have the right to obtain such information from the provider?
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    absent for without

    1)Absent any objections,the plan will proceed. 2)Absent such an agreement we can go no further. Basicaly, it meams 'without' here. Could I use it in the middle of a sentence as in ''Services are being rendered absent a guarantee of quality"?
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    put on notice

    I'm pretty sure I can say 'to put an individual on notice'. But can I say 'to put on notice an individual'?
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    Is it mandatory as regards grammar to use 'should' as in "We figured we (should) wait for you.","Do you figure he (should) get to the airport two hours prior to departure?" etc.?
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    date+the present perfect

    Can I use the present perfect to mean completion of an action in the future as follows? "The bill will be formally effective from the date on which it has been signed into law." Or does it need to be "...the date on which it is passed into law."? Would either be correct?
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    prove sb to have done

    Is it accurate to say that something proves a person to have done wrong?
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    be gotten from

    In terms of grammar, is it accurate to say that information can be/was/might have been gotten from a source?
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    the before same

    Is it mandatory to put 'the' before 'same'? Is it grammatically acurate to leave it out as in "But for same reason we never could get on the same page with Butch"?