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    It's on the tip of my tongue and I can't remember the expression or idiom that means 'something that is beyond one's abilities' or 'something too hard for someone to do'... What do you call it? Out of my what? Or beyond my what? I can't remember... It's quite similar to the phrase/expression...
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    Concrete (stress - first or second syllable)

    If you say "in concrete terms", "in a concrete form", etc, do you stress the first or second syllable? Will British and American English have differences? 'Concrete', in the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th edition, as an adjective, means "made of concrete". Second meaning (still...
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    Hi... Can you guys give me other examples of sentences that seem to have inverted structures? Apart from: -Never will I talk about that issue. -Not only can he speak French, Italian and Spanish but he can also (We never invert this part, the second clause, do we? We don't say 'but can he also'...
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    Hi, I'm helping a friend, English is his second language. He gets confused with pronunciation of a lot of words. Similar spelling, different pronunciation. I'm not a teacher and I couldn't explain it to him so well. I told him how inconsistent pronunciation can be and all and it's a matter of...
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    [Vocabulary] Too phased = worried? bothered?

    Hi, my friend says 'too phased' when she means 'worried' or 'bothered'... I've never heard of that ever. I checked the Longman Dictionary and Cambridge Dictionary but the meaning 'worried/bothered' was never included. I did some Google search and there were a few sentences from articles that...
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    Figure of speech?

    Is there a figure of speech or if there's none, what do you call altering the spelling of a word for the sake of creativity or fun?
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    [General] Introduction to a song...

    Our parish priest is leaving soon and as a tribute, and to get the kids and adults in the community involved, we're doing the Body Song (lyrics below). However, I can't come up with an introduction for the song. Can someone help me connect it? To make sense as to why we're doing this item in...
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    Is it well-constructed?

    At least, for those who haven't experienced snow, having watched this video clip would make you feel like you already have.
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    If a dog bites, a bee stings, what does a crab do? Pinch?? I think that's wrong... Anyone? Can't remember the word...
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    Hi everyone, It would be my first time to emcee and I'm quite clueless. Here's the program and I don't know how to introduce each item... It's 10:08 here in New Zealand and the party starts at 4pm. They did not give me so much time for this. I hope someone can help. Transition statements and...
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    College Of Arts And Letters Hymn Title

    Cool! I prefer the third title... I want the first and second combined. :) thank a lot monticello! You never fail to help. :) Your time and effort are much appreciated. :)
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    College Of Arts And Letters Hymn Title

    Help me think of a very good title of my composition, please... Shaping history in all men's lives, Planting seeds of wisdom in the minds, Bringing to life the hope of the land, A great chance to change and make things right. College of Arts and Letters, we honor you. In your arms we have...
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    Is this the right preposition?

    Cool! Great! I love that!!! Thanks, Monticello! ;-) I appreciate your time so much... I'm learnin'! :-D
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    Is this the right preposition?

    Hi Monticello, The scenario is a call center agent inviting customers to a webinar. The outbound representative calls a client, asks questions, informs him about the webinar and all. However, the person on the other line might not be the best person to talk to in the company or might be the best...
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    Is this the right preposition?

    "Is there anyone else I can talk to regarding this if you're not going to be available during the webinar?" Anything that needs correction besides the preposition 'during' and the conditional tense?