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    In secret/stealthily

    Hello Can you please review and correct my sentence ? If I need some urgent pocket money, to whom will I go for it in secret (stealthily)?
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    In a surprising incident

    Dear Sir: Can I say, One day in a surprising incident we introduced ourselves? After that if I narrate the incident then what punctuation should I put full stop or colon. Regards.
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    No title

    Please review and revise the sentence: I heard that, as a government officer/employee, he received a transfer order as he requested earlier/before to work/move elsewhere.
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    for a beloved one

    Please correct the sentence and sense below (relationship between single male and married female). It was not a love affair but was a rather adoration for a beloved one.
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    Active form

    Dear Teacher If 'I am interested' is passive mode, how to express in active mode and is active mode correct form? Regards
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    Sentence meaning

    Dear Sir, My friend sent me a web link and wrote, "Everything seems to have just fallen into place." I failed to get the meaning of this sentence. Can you please make easy for me to rewrite this sentence? Regards,
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    Tens of thousands

    Dear Sir, Tens of thousands took part in protest in Cairo. I failed to guess the actual sum of tens of thousands. Please help.:?:
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    [General] Active form

    Dear Contributor, Some questions were formed in my mind. This type of sentence is possible to express in active form? Regards,
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    Dear Teacher, I don’t have enough idea how to use As/When/While to explain the correct sense in a sentence. Please check my sentence and explain: As/While/When I came back from outside, found a letter lying in front of our entrance door. Regards,
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    Sick as a dog

    Dear Teacher, I can't catch the clear meaning of the sentences. Please help. I feel as sick as a dog. And Many a woman would be glad to marry him. Regards,
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    Dear Teacher, I can't make out a conjunction correctly. Please help. Suppose once I spent some times with someone, so I want to say, There was no romance but she was a rather gracious sprit with a winsome smile. Regards,
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    Had or Had been, For or to

    Gentlemen, How to narrate the sentence correctly? I heard that he had transferred for/to some other place. Or I heard that he had been transferred for/to some other place. Thanks,
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    by an urgent wicker

    Hi bhaisahab, So now I can consider that misprinting of the spelling in the novel as Anglika forced to read "whicker" as you guessed. Thanks for your contribution.
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    by an urgent wicker

    Dear Teacher, In a novel a sentence: A foal shoots by him, kicking its long new legs and is called home by an urgent wicker from its mother, tethered among the other horses to the back of the caravan. I can’t catch the clear meaning the part I put in bold. Please help me. Regards,
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    After and Behind

    Dear Teacher, Instead of After two days, could I say Behind two days? And Instead of I failed to see him in time, could I say I failed to notice him in time? Regards,