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    [Grammar] Need help with "is believed to be"

    Good evening, I was hoping to get some help with the following sentence: "The president is believed to be in good health" Does anyone know what kind of grammar this is or what tense it relates to? What does the structure look like, is it subject+verb+infinitive? Any help would be greatly...
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    Celta Pre Interview Task

    Thank you for helping me with the questions I could not answer, very much appreciated. I appreciate it is a rather large post but if a teacher could read and correct the post I would be very grateful. Kind regards.
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    Celta Pre Interview Task

    Good afternoon, I have applied for the CELTA course at my local college in Ireland. I have an interview on Friday morning and I have to complete a pre-interview task and bring it with me. I was wondering if someone could correct my answers and give me some feedback. Any help would be greatly...