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  • I will be, thanks Phorn. There is a saying in our native language that when something bad has to happen, it first destroys your capacity to think and decide. So something of that happened to me. Its just that I was not physically hurt.
    How are you doing Phorn, what do you do? Do you live in Bangkok?
    Yes, I found out kind of your bad luck on Ann page while I've had some message for her. Be careful next time, anupumh
    Thanks for your concern Phorn. I think you read the message on Anns page. It happened when I hitchhiked in a car from my workplace to my house in the night. I do it everyday but today, I meet the wrong people. I am shell shocked.

    Here's something interesting. Take a look: The ways we use just one word.

    PROESL - Steve
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