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    [General] Public Sector in a mixed economy

    << Joseph Stiglitz discusses the role of the government or the public sector in a "mixed economy". In a mixed economy, many if not most economic activities are undertaken by individual actors and private firms, but government plays an important role, either by its own economic enterprises or by...
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    [General] scarce resources

    This following is some of the highlight of this chapter in italics, maybe it was the editor's opinion & conclusion about the things in it and that he wrote for the writer as well. I wonder what meant by these "scarce resources" and need your advice for the right understanding. .......But the...
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    [General] jurisdictions

    Hello, This is an excerpt from the economic article of Joseph E.Stiglitz which I have to translate. I have a question to ask. In some places ,individuals pay not only federal and state taxes but separate taxes to their school district, their township, their county ,the jurisdictions that...
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    [General] public institutions

    33789.1 Does public institutions mean public enterprise and private institutions mean private enterprise in the following sentences? 1) The boundaries between what are public institutions and what are not are often unclear. When the government sets up a corporation, a public enterprise, is...
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    [General] US Enrichment Corporation

    Hello, I wonder what the "US Enrichment Corporation" means in the following sentences. The privatization movement was much stronger in Europe but in US, since government ran few enterprises,there was much less scope for privatization. Perhaps the most important, and controversial...
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    [General] billions and billions

    The economic crisis in East Asia in 1997-- as the savings and loan debacle in the US, which cost taxpayer billions and billions of dollars, had done a decade earlier-- brought home the importance of financial market regulation. I wonder whether 1) "as" can be replaced by "so" as the savings...
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    [General] sufficiently important

    Hello, I wonder what "sufficiently important" means in this context below? Critics of government intervention in the economy, such as Milton Friedman, believe the 4 sources of government failure are sufficiently important that the government should be restrained from attempting to remedy...
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    [General] Ring in

    Dear all Advise me for this new sentence to me, please. <<I was hoping that you would ring in on this one.>>:-D
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    [General] Rent control in New York City

    Dear all, I'm trying to get the concept of this paragraph. Please advise me how to simplify this paragraph into an easy one? >> Though the government attempted to control this deterioration by imposing standards on landlords, these attempts were only partially successful , and indeed...
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    [Grammar] increasingly

    Inevitably, this article argues, the U.S.and their powerful developed states well witness a blurring of issues involving state security ( where military forces have traditionally proven the best form of protection) and issues involving "human security" ( in which instruments and agencies other...
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    [Vocabulary] sacrificing

    Hi! I wonder how you can paraphrase me for the sentence using the word 'sacrificing' with ease of use like: -VideoScout MC2 puts real-time,full motion video exploitation in the hands of frontline warfighters. MC2 offers increased capability without sacrificing ease of use. It supports multiple...
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    [Vocabulary] More recently

    More recently, the trade emphasis has been at the heart of American efforts at "engagement" with politically unpopular regimes- I wonder what does it mean by the words "more recently" Please clarify it to me. Phorntita :-D
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    [General] What you stand depends on where you sit.

    I recently have found this sentence in a passage of a book called "Strategies and Forces Planning" What does that mean, then? :-D Phorntita
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    [Vocabulary] tempt fate/ providence

    In my dictionary it said "tempt fate/ providence" means to do something too confidently in a way that might mean that your good luck will come to an end. This is an example of it: She felt it would be tempting fate to try the difficult climb a second time. I'm not sure what it means by this...
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    [Vocabulary] was effective / took effect

    His Majesty the King has signed a royal order appointing the late Pol Col Sompien Eksomya, 59 to the rank of Pol Gen (Police General). This royal order took effect on 12 March 10. Could you tell me whether the expression 'took effect' is correct? Because I usually have used or heard the...