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    "The" with comparatives

    I have a question about 'the' with comparatives. Mike is the taller of the two brothers. (1) Of the two brothers Mike is (the) taller. (2) Am I right in my assumption that 'the' is a must in (1) and optional in (2)? If so, will it be right to say that the article with a comparative form...
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    I'm starting this thread upon Fivejedjon's request. The problem to be discussed is whether 'should' is a subjunctive form or not when it's used in a construction like "Should you change your mind, let me know". To decide whether A belongs to class B, we need: 1)To describe the characteristics of...
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    end or ending

    Does a Hollywood movie have 'a happy end' or 'a happy ending'?
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    [Grammar] it is?

    Will it be correct to say "It is 5 minutes before the bell"?
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    Just not nice!

    I like to swim in cool water on a balmy sunny day.My sister's boyfriend is nice enough but a bit stupid.
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    International Café [Part 2]

    Thanks for the warm welcome, Hortence. I hope we'll have a lot of coffee together, and our cats will find understanding as well.:-)
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    International Café [Part 2]

    I see. It means the cafe is also virtual, and so are the foods and drinks, and I thought I could order a cup of real black coffee or something. How do you entertain yourselves here?
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    International Café [Part 2]

    Thank you. And which part of the world is this place in?
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    International Café [Part 2]

    Hi, friends. Nice place, nice people! Where am I?