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    Is it okay to use "two was's" in a row?

    Thanks @Amigos4. Typo corrected @5jj.
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    Why you dey vex?

    Pidgin seems an apt description to me. It makes no sense in standard English. Why dey vex? = why are they vexed? Why you dey vex? = why do you vex them?
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    a word for someone from the same town as you

    You might use "homies" as a plural of homey, but that word is largely confined to black Americans. In mainstream English I think @Barque is right: the demonym of the specific town is the best you can do.
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    Key binding or key bindings? (technical term)

    I've never heard or seen it used. Why not just say something like "press the spacebar while holding down the ALT key"?
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    Full Metal Jacket (film)

    Is a title is even intended to reflect the movie's content? I suggest that titles are chosen with nothing more than marketing in mind. By the way FMJ reveived critical acclaim and was praised for realism. But in my opinion a far more realistic treatment of the same subject was provided by a...
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    Full Metal Jacket (film)

    Typo repaired. Thanks @Amigos4.
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    Full Metal Jacket (film)

    I may be wrong about this, but here is my best guess. Some bullets are called soft-nosed or hollow point. These are designed and intended to fragment on impact with a human body, thus causing maximum damage to internal organs. They were formerly known as dumdum bullets, after the suburb of...
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    Is "devoiding" a real word?

    Hello @andyasker and welcome to the forum. "Devoid" is usually an adjective, but according to it is also used as a verb with the meaning you intend. See: Please note that I have moved your question to the Ask A Teacher section.
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    Is "on February" a common use?

    Not only is it uncommon, it is wrong. Use in February, or specify the date, for example: on February 24th or on 24 February.
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    Difference between “I’d seen him” and “I saw him”.

    @the batman learner I have edited your post to replace "kinda" with "kind of". We are an English language site so we use only standard English. Chatlish terms like “kinda“ are not to be used in our forum.
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    the name for the school subject "writing"

    When I went to primary school it was called penmanship. They were talking about just learning to form the letters. That was in the late cretacious era so things may be different today. In high school we had to write essays and that was called English composition.
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    of which something is a part of

    No. You tacked a second "of" onto the end.
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    What are these called?

    Please remember to use correct capitalization and punctuation @tedmc. I have edited your post above this time. In my part of the world such structures are often called cloisters.
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    They're not just the words of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights

    Perhaps wild-camping is a term used in BrE. Here in Canada we just call it camping whether it's done in the wilderness or in an organized campground with facilities such as electricity and water. P.S. Thank you @guey. I have corrected the thread title.
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    What is the difference between “doing something” and “the doing of something”?

    Hello @shuko and welcome to the forum. Please note that I have edited your thread title. As we are an English language site we use only correct English here. Abbreviations like sth for something and other chatlish terms are not used here. As to your question I can see no difference between...