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    Indirect English ;)

    He said,"I eat apples." He said that he eats apples. He says,"I eat apples." He says that he eats apples. He said,"I ate apples." He said that he ate apples. Teachers, Please explain? :silly::silly: Thanks PTBM
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    May be and Maybe.

    I know May be and Maybe is totally different words but what if anyone of you can expand it. 8)
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    Change into Past Tense.

    Hi , Read the paragraph and change it into Past Tense It is Eid-ul-Fitr.The children are very happy.They have lots of money as Eidi.The children count their money Shakeel has five hundred rupees.Rahila has three hundred rupees and Saira has hundred rupees.They all go to a toy shop.Shakeel buys...