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    Your spend too much time watching TV and do too much time surfing the Internet, too. :?:Is it a good sentence? Please.
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    the news spread/arrived

    I. The news spread twenty minutes later. II. The news arrived twenty minutes later. :?: They are good sentences, aren't they? Please.
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    nearly a month earlier

    On 1 June 1937, she started her round-the-world flight. The flight went well in June. She reached New Guinea on the 29th. She had gone flying nearly a month earlier. :?: What does "earlier" mean here? Please.
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    the / a

    I.Most animals have little connection with the animals of a different kind unless they kill them for food. II.Most animals have little connection with the animals of the different kind unless they kill them for food. III.Most animals have little connection with animals of the different kind...
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    Is there someone/anyone in the fitting room? :?: Both of them are ok, right? Pls.
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    You should walk across/over/from the bridge to the road. Which one is right? Please.
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    what / which

    What / which soap do you like best? :?: No matter what or which they mean the same in this case, right? Please.
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    the best/ best

    Which jacket do you like the best/ best? :?: Is it fine with either of "the best and best"? Please.
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    bear / to be borne

    The baby is going to be borne next week. :?: Can "to be borne" be replaced by "to bear"? Please.
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    on/at the last day of/in Oct

    It's on/at the last day of/in Oct. :?: Which one is better? Please.
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    There are/is

    There are/is some chicken, some pork and some beef . :?: Either "are" or "is" is fine? Please.
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    apples on/in the tree

    I can reach the apples on/in the tree. :?: Both are correct, right? Please.
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    that or it

    A. Why don't we have a break? B. Don't we just have that (it). :?: I think both are right, are they? Please.
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    almost young boys

    They are almost young boys between the age of thirteen and fifteen. :?: Is it acceptable with "almost" here? Please.
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    the tallest boy of the class

    He is the tallest boy in the class. :?: I understand "in the class" is absolutly right here, but "of the class" is absolutly wrong? Please.