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    XYZ, is an organization set up by Ministry of XXX, Government of ABC, which act as a facilitator

    I was going through a company's website. After going through that website, what I understood about the nature of the company's business, I tried to write it in my own words. Could you please read the following line and help me in finding the grammatical errors. XYZ, is an organization set up...
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    The following thoughts crossed my mind. I tried to translate them in English. Could you please help me in finding the grammatical errors in it. I have been lucky in terms of being affected with Covid 19. In the block of my area, where I have been living, there residents got effected with...
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    consent to a request

    Is the following sentence grammatically correct? As your Friday's schedule is busy until 6 pm, it seems difficult for you to consent to Mr. X request for you being the chief guest of the event at 6.30 pm. (Note: It would be too hectic for him to attend so many meetings in a day)
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    working of a university

    I spent some time in a university and learnt different things. What I learnt, I tried to express those learnings in the following paragraph. Could you please check the grammatical mistakes in the following paragraph to improve it further? On March 22nd, I joined XYZ university and on April...
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    Vision / Ethical / curriculum

    I was struggling to make the following sentence grammatically correct. I could not be successful in making it grammatically correct with right wordings. I need your help please. It was good to know from you the vision of the University that this University wants his students to be ethical...
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    that has been approved / being approved

    Is the following underlined part of the sentence grammatically right? I think it is wrong. It should be replaced by "being approved". Please advise. The draft of New National Education Policy that has been approved by Union Cabinet, Government of India to bring quality in Higher Education to...
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    Stammered/got stammered

    Are the following sentences right? 1. I stammered while communicating my thoughts. (while speaking) 2. I got stammered while communicating my thoughts. (while speaking) 3. My voice stammered while communicating my thoughts. 4. My voice got stammered while communicating my thoughts.
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    My travel related work

    I want to improve my writing skills. To achieve this end, whatever I face in my everyday life, I try to express some of those situations in words. It is of great help to me, when someone edit my writings in this forum. In that serious, I am writing one more paragraph. I am looking forward...
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    My basic temperament

    Is the following paragraph grammatically correct? My basic temperament I am a down to earth person with full of cheerful temperament. In life, little things make me happy such as a long walk on a sunny day. Whenever I learn new things in life, however small it is, it gives me great...
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    Wish - Had

    Is the following sentence grammatically correct? I wish you had more number of campus than (Name of the University) over the next five years.
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    Scanning Visiting cards /

    Could you please find grammatical errors in the following paragraph? I have scanned thousands of visiting cards of my boss using one mobile application. Now, within seconds, he can search his visiting card on his mobile phone. Also I am in the process of making the secretariat of my boss...
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    Phone Calls

    Please see the following paragraph and help me in finding out the grammatical errors or improving it further. Also, are the following lines natural, If I speak these lines to somebody? I attend all the phone calls that come for my boss or on behalf of my boss. I take the message of the caller...
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    I took my dog to a veterinary clinic

    I found difficulty in making the following note. I have underlined some sentences because I think those are grammatical wrong and I do not know how to correct it. Could you please help me out to improve it further. Long time back, one-day morning, I took my dog to a veterinary clinic in...
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    Appointment for Vaccination

    I have observed that while reading a English newspaper or a magazine, I have a habit to see whether I can parse those sentences grammatically or not. Sometimes, I feel whether I am reading newspaper or checking my grammar to know whether I can make those type of sentences or not. This, I have...
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    request to see the paragraph that I drafted on an imaginary situation.

    I took one imaginary situation and I tried to convert that situation into words by writing a paragraph in English language. Could you please check the following paragraph and would be grateful if you could rectify it grammatically. I would like to tell you about my home atmosphere. We live...