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    Over The WeekEnd

    Please let me know, the difference between the following statements: 1. I will call you over the weekend. 2. I will call you during the weekend. 3. I will call you at the weekend. Thanks!
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    Differnt form for Patience

    Hi , I want to know the past, present and future tense for Patience. Please let me know.
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    American Words

    Hi, I am working in USA. Some times I don't understand some words which my peers use initially I thought its because my english is not good. But later I realise that its not the problem with my english its problem with the words they use..I don't know the meaning of most of them. Example ...
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    I can't stand it

    What is meaning for I can't stand it? How I should use that ? Can I say the following: 1. I can't stand John? 2. My wife can't stand the way Linda behaves? Please let me know?
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    Dialect & Slang

    Is dialect and slang is same or different?
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    Acsent And Slang

    What is difference between Acsent and Slang?
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    At & In

    What is the difference between At & In? "She is at Cleveland" "She is in Cleveland" Pls let me know
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    Double Quotes

    When I should use Double Quotes And Can I use for persons Name? Like : "We are doing this" As per "Ray's Comments" What does double quotes indicates in emails?
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    Difference Between

    What is the difference between "From Now On" And "From Now Onwards" And Can I use "we" when I am saying "From Now Onwards" i.e "From Now Onwards we will do this" Pls Let me know.
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    [General] What is the difference between There And Their

    What is the difference between There And Their
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    [Grammar] This and These

    Please let me know what is the difference between THIS and THESE
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    Present Perfect and Past Perfect

    What is the differnce between Present prefect and Past Perfect tense. Can you please let me know what words fall under them.
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    The and A

    Hi All, I am greatly confused when to use the before any word and When to use a before any word. I know when we use an before vowels (letter which starts with A,E,I,O and U) we use an. Please let me know. Thanks in Advance.
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    Past,Present and Future

    Hi All, I know we have the following tense in english: Past Tense Present Tense and Future Tense. Can you please let me know what other tense we have and the words come under that tense. Thanks in Advance.