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  • yes iwant to live in america.because i heard there is great democracy.i can not say i dont like my country is also wonderful.but i am interested to be in america to see their way of life
    The thing is that I have a question and I really need the answer very quickly.
    I posted it but I can't see my post.
    Anyway, the question is:
    Can we say
    Did you ever go whale watching?
    or when can only say
    Have you ever gone whale watching?
    Is it completely wrong or is it just not standard English?
    Thanks in advance.
    HI REWBOSS! your name sounds fantastic.. I hope to be your friend. My name is Christine Mariz, I'm 23 years old. I'm from the Philippines.. I'm currently working as an ESL teacher in my country. I hope to learn a lot here that I could apply in my teaching..

    Please participate in the vote 'Would you like to live in the USA?'. We need to see your beautiful opinions about living in the USA! Hopping that you'd set the stage for having a good conclusion!
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