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    [General] 21st Century

    Since the beginning of the current century I've heard each year spoken of as two thousand six, two thousand ten, etc. For dates in the eleventh century we speak of ten sixty-six, etc. Does anyone know why we use the current designation rather than twenty o six, twenty ten, etc?
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    Due to

    I learned, many years ago, that we use due to only when it is preceded by a linking verb and, in the absence of a linking verb, because of is the preferred phrase. Thus, we would not say that "he faled to act due to his laziness," but rather 'his failure to act was due to...." or "he failed to...
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    [Suggestion] Thread Visibility

    I believe it would be useful for the original thread to be seen while a user is responding. Some posts on the "Ask a Teacher" forum, for example, contain multiple questions, and require repeated viewings.