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    me, myself or I

    John and I are...:up: Regards, RJ1948.
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    The great poet,Homer's birth place is unknown to anybody. Regards, rj1948.
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    A or B?

    Simple present tense is also used to talk about scheduled events in the near future. The train leaves at 7 pm. The final match of EURO2008 takes place on June 30. Regards, rj1948.
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    list of perpositions

    You can start with this site: Regards, rj1948.
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    commit an error

    I think it is 'to commit an error'.(Initial thread). 'To err' would be correct. rj1948.
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    He worked hard that he might pass the examination. If you are not a Hindu you will not be admitted. The fact that he is silent proves his guilt. Regards, rj1948.
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    Homer, whose birth place is not known to anybody,was a great poet. Regards, rj1948.
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    "It's time we went home?" or "It's time we should go home?"

    It's high time we closed this thread. Regards, rj1948.
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    commit an error

    Error--An inadvertent mistake. Mistake-An action due to bad judgment;ignorance. Regards, rj1948.
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    put yourself on the line

    Put yourself on the line:Put yourself in a situation where you have absolutely no choice but to achieve it. Regards, rj1948.
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    take a bus

    He takes a bus.:up: This year,he is taking a bus.:up: He goes by bus.:up: Regards, rj1948
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    Complex sentences

    There is no hope that he will recover. A daily bath is necessay If one desires perfect health. Regards, rj1948.
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    Clarify my doubts

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    Both are adjectives and can be used. I chose 'Continuous' because it means uninterrupted. Continued may also mean 'continued after an interruption.' Regards, RJ1948.
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    There is and There are

    There(Pronoun-formal subject)-The rule is that normally the verb agrees withthe real subject that follows.But a singular verb is used,even if a plural noun or pronoun follows. When a verb is thought of as applying to each one successively and seperately:There is John,James,... .. In...