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  • Oh, Thanks a lot my friend:) It's that's kind of you:):up:
    My friend are you a teacher (I mean do you teach English somewhere like school or university?):roll::)
    Apply for US Immigration: USCIS, Green Card, US Citizenship, US Visas, Forms

    USCIS Home Page

    Immigration and Citizenship: USA.gov

    Immigration to USA, Immigration Visa Services USA, USCIS Immigration Information

    Perhaps these sites will help.
    That's right, But one of my uncle's friend immigrated with his wife and now they are living in USA. I really want study music in USA but honestly i have no information and no one to help me, Dear RonBee can you help me? Or recommend some sites that can give some information?:)

    Well, I know very little about immigration. All I can say at this point is to be careful (especially if they are asking you for money). Is it an official government site?

    Hi my friend,
    I have a question (Is not about English):cool:
    One of my friend recommend a site that is about immigration (USA)
    DVLottery.com: DV-2012 Official Green Card (DV Lottery) Registration Page by The AmericanDream USA Services
    I want to know is it reliable? Because you are living in USA and you know some information ( If you know:))
    I'd be glad if you help me:):up::up::)
    Please, post in this thread. I would like very much to know everyone's viewpoint.

    Business English - Business Language

    Thank you,

    PROESL Steve

    :) :cool:
    Hi, can you tell me the difference between american and british english? Is there only spelling difference??????
    Your verses are not bad at all! I like to read your conversation in verse with Amigos and Buggles (and others). The ordinary events of life become more spectacular when they are written in verse; you make them shine like small fireworks. I always look forward to read you all!
    hello sir , i'd like to thank u for replying to my question which was asked a long while ago ,,i hope u remember me :( i asked a multiple choice question .. and sorry if i bothered u
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