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    I currently do not have handy Internet access, so if you do not get a speedy reply from me that is the reason. As for Anglika, her computer is "sick" and in hospital. (A virus.) It's probably a temporary thing. Also, if you are not getting as quick a response as you would like to a question that is probably because we can only get online when we have time. (Sometimes there are more pressing concerns than getting on the forum.)

    Dear Mr RonBee
    I posted a thread asking about the difference in suggest, recommend and advise but did not get any reply from anybody. Did I say or do something wrong? I checked the words in the dictionary and they all have similar explanations. I would like to know whether one can be used interchangeably with the others. I PMed Anglika but she did not reply me too.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Sir can you explain me the usage of to clearly. It's (to) very confusing sometimes with : for, through, with et al. For e.g., I'll take you through the reasons for disliking atheism or I'll take you to the reasons for disliking atheism. Another example is : She is married to John or She had married with John etc . Can you tell me which one is correct ?

    These r just few examples, I can cite myriad.. we were told that "to" is used for subject related with/to direction. For e.g., he's going to school etc. But this "to" seems to be more powerful than that many at time I see it's used in place of "for" also. My question is why such discrepancies? Can u pls tell me the usage of "To" lucidly.
    Mr, RonBee,
    Would you please have a look at this part of my CV and correct mistakes? punctuation and grammatical mistakes..


    (2004 – 2008)
    Bachelor's Degree in English from Damascus University. (Translation Department)
    (2001 – 2003)
    Qualification Certificate for Primary Education from Al-Basil Governmental Institute.

    Before Qualification:
    I graduated from Al-Basil Institute in 2003. I had to wait a qualification exam to be eligible to teach officially in governmental schools. But, before that any graduator can teach unofficially which is counted for him by hours (teachers got paid for numbers of hours they teach). So, from 2003 to 2006 I taught unofficially in governmental schools. Then in 2006 I did the first qualification exam since my graduation and I passed it successfully. From April 2007 until now I have been teaching officially.
    In 2008 I graduated from Damascus University. (Translation Department).
    Post a link to the Affect/Effect article in the "affect vs effect" thread (FAQ (subforum of Ask a Teacher)). (Say "a couple of....")
    RonBee, my wife and I have put together a new site, (un)Enlightened English that we believe would benefit your readers. It just opened, so the content is low right now (5-6 articles) but there will be a new one every day. There is no user signup on the site.

    The topics range from the use of semi colons to writing a proper conclusion and introduction. Future topics will cover commonly confused words and a variety of other topics.

    I saw your forum rules required notifying a moderator before posting a site in the forum. I was wondering if we could have your permissions to make (1) post regarding the site and the articles it offers.

    Its a personal site and there is no advertisements or signup requirements on it.

    Thank you

    Hi ,

    i have posted a qt on the forum related to ask a teacher...a similar query is where can i find a list of animals and their corresponding young ones names...eg cow-calf...such a list ...is there any site or book i can refer too...its really urgent...please respond asap ...
    Can you think of anything more unique or creative than TIGHTER THAN A DRUM ... I came up with that one too, and while I appreciate it, I am looking for something that will make the reader either laugh or at the very least smile.

    Hello dear teacher
    I have some questions I posted in " Ask a teacher section "
    they're about some modal verbs and entitled " must / have to / shouldn't ...?
    Would you please share and give your opinion ?
    best regards
    Hello it's nice to meet you, I'm phamuel and i'm getting problem with my english so i need someone who can teach me so that i can speak english effectively
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