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    The thing is that I have a question and I really need the answer very quickly.
    I posted it but I can't see my post.
    Anyway, the question is:
    Can we say
    Did you ever go whale watching?
    or when can only say
    Have you ever gone whale watching?
    Is it completely wrong or is it just not standard English?
    Thanks in advance.
    Hi Ron,

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    Hi Ronbee,
    Please give me your opinion why there is no article apply in this question:
    .... Mount Everest is in the Himalayas. Please I'm confuse, because in my opinion Mount Everest is noun, is it?
    Hey Ronbee,

    Please help me to find a teacher from Australia that can collaborate with us to conduct a research.
    my email is rhosharyo@yahoo.co.id

    and my weblog is....
    Rhosharyo's Xanga Site


    Hi RonBee

    Please I need to find some words that begin with in

    1. To make someone very angry IN-U---T-
    2. A narrow strip of watr which goes form a sea or lake into the land in_ _T

    Thank you for your help.

    I recently got registered. I seem confused. Sent two questions but how do I know whether I have got any answers
    Hi Ron, is it possible to talk about God (not about any religion but God) on the forum?
    Please need your help ! I am anju, I just need some techniques to teach reading to complete beginners please give me some advice !!

    Thanks Mate
    Please don't report messages unless they really are offensive.

    If you have a question, post something in the "Ask a Teacher" forum.

    Thank you. In fact, I don't know well about how to use this forum, like 'profile visitor messages awaiting approval', what does it mean? Does it mean that I have to approve or other people should approve my requests? My English is not good, especially the oral speaking.

    Hi RonBee. Thank you for helping me to learn English. I won't stop writing or learning and I won't give up till I can help other people. I really appreciate it.


    Keep in touch.
    hey buddy what do i need to do in order to get ur help. please let me know. i just need help in writing the objecitve. thx
    hello, could you please help me out with my resume and cover letter listing in resume section. thanks! i will really appreciate it.
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