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    'If I were' or 'If I was'?

    What is important here is that the expression is well understood in the English-speaking community. As gabber explained, it is about a hypothetical situation. If I say (for example) "I wouldn't do that if I were you" it is understood as a warning. (Perhaps the person is about to pet a strange...
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    "it's" vs "its"

    Which one is right?
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    [General] Look it up!

    OneLook Dictionary Search WordWeb Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
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    Please be patient!

    There are many posts on this forum every day. Please be patient when waiting for a response to your question. It is difficult for one person to keep up with all the questions. (Indeed!) It is difficult for several people to keep up with all the questions. You might not get an immediate response...
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    Words Used to Show Possession

    The original question is here: The answer is that its is not a pronoun, and it cannot be used in place of a noun.See: Definition of its - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary Definition of my -...
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    Listen or Hear?

    (This is in response to a question from an ESL learner. To see that question go to // We hear something by perceiving it with our ears. The act of hearing something requires no conscious effort on our part. However, to...
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    Say, Speak, Talk, Tell

    (In response to a question from an ESL learner.) For a start, go here: speak. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000. There is certainly more to say about this. After I think about is some, I'll tell you more. We'll talk later. ;-) (Anybody with...
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    This article sure was a good idea, but there is one error (at the present time). It's a useful article. Now, whenever the subject comes up all a person has to do is refer the questioner to this article and it will answer the question...
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    Our problem lies not in what to do but in how to do it.

    Is the second "in" in the example sentence optional?
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    Interesting Stuff

    Interesting stuff. Go to: Urban Dictionary: Define Your World :-)
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    To fall on deaf ears

    Q: What does it mean to fall on deaf ears? A: It means that the person responds as if deaf. Example: She doesn't pay attention to anything I say. Everything I say to her falls on deaf ears. ~R
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    Put a sock in it

    Which is the correct definition? :-)
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    Jumped out of his socks

    Ron nearly jumped out of his socks.
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    Phrasal Verbs

    I have a definition for pick at. pick at -- find fault with It was a very good dinner. In addition, there were one or two things to pick at, and that made it perfect. ~R
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    Beneath, underneath

    Coolman:The word underneath is more likely to be used in the physical sense. Example:It is underneath the table. The word beneath is more likely to be used in the metaphorical sense. Example:It is beneath me to do that type of work. ~R