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  • Dear Roose!How nice to get a message from you after a long time!I am so fine dear,thanks a lot..And you? I hope everything is perfectly fine there...Take great care to our dear Roose;)bye!
    I miss you too dear
    I was so busy and schools start in my country
    so there is no much time but i'll do my best to be here
    Have a nice night
    I am also fine dear thanks a lot!we miss you in the forums.take great care!
    Thanks dear.....I also wish you a happy NEW year..days full of health ,happines ,joy,blessings,in short ,everything you need..that you so deserve..
    Hi Roose! Best wishes for 2010!
    I hope that your country know peace at last in 2010 and that justice is delivered!
    it is my real name:)..we call "the river Nile" as Nil in Turkish...ı have a river name;)
    I pray for peace in your country...ı want you to know that we are always with you..see you ,dear. ı have to leave now..Quiz papers are waiting to be marked..Good night..May Allah protect you..
    mm in Gaza I'm from Gaza.
    by the way today is the day when Israeli army attacked us and killed many people
    Hi dear..I am also an English teacher at a high school in Istanbul,Turkey...Which city do you work in Palestine?
    I am fine ,dear thanks a are you doing?hope everything is fine with you:)
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