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    Please ?! Help me

    Hello, everybody I want to ask : which is right to say I study at Shafa Amer Secondary School or I am studying at Shafa Amer Secondary School . Which one is right?
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    When Was The Last Time You ...

    Every one see me smile so everyday i make a lot of people be happy and smile When was the last time you made someone cry?
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    stealing day

    I would steal a plane to travel If any want to come I don't mind.:-)
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    stealing day

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    stealing day

    ı would steal a ticket to Egypt8-)
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    stealing day

    I would steal a car:roll:
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    New Members - Introduce yourself here (2)

    Nice to meet you Roose! See you in the forums! me too, nice to meet you Hortence
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    My wish(es) for 2010 is/are...................

    1- to get married 2- get the master degree and be famous one 3- to deliver a baby and bring him up to be a scientist Big wishes need hard work.:-D
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    loose lips sink ships

    Its meaning is nice thanks to you
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    "The" before musical instruments

    me also wants to hear your point of view:?:
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    so +adj-adv/ such +a/an+n+adj

    Nightmare85 Thanks so much . I appreciate it ..
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    so +adj-adv/ such +a/an+n+adj

    hi now if i want to explain this rule to students ? how can I explain it and introduce ? please help me ..
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    New Members - Introduce yourself here (2)

    Hi .. I'm Roose from Palestine and I really hope to improve my English and speake English fluently . so please help me .. hope to be happy here nice to meet you .
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    Time machine

    It's so nice really Thanks for this story