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    First, it was...

    Which one is correct? Miss Rose, you are insisting on bringing back all the sad memories. You're hurting us that way. First, the violin and now the sewing machine/ First, it was the violin and now it is the sewing machine!
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    Raking up memories!

    Are the expressions in Italic and bold correct? Listen to me Jane, it is lovely to hold memories for our beloved ones who have passed away. However, to consider raking up their memories and grieving for them a kind of loyalty is totally unacceptable.
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    [General] Reopen the old wounds!

    Are there any other alternatives for this expression? Reopen the old wounds.
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    Has his own way in!

    Is this sentence correct? She has her own way in dealing with children.
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    Mementoes/ souvenirs/ keepsakes?!

    Which one is correct? I would like to keep these lilies as keepsakes / mementoes / souvenirs from our last visit to the mountains.
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    [Idiom] Getting back to!

    Is the use of this idiom correct in the context or not? He can not make any decision concerning his marriage to her before getting back to his children on this.
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    To you Marrying him

    Which one of them is correct? I will never agree to your marriage to my father. I will never agree to you marrying my father. Are there other alternatives?
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    To have one's moments

    If I say: Each one has his moments negatively that is; Each one has his moments of anger and frustration. Is this a correct usage of the expression to use it in a negative manner or it is only used positively?
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    No bed of roses

    How beautiful. I always thought that it is a pure Arabian expression! What an unexpected surprise.:?:
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    Set/ Provide an exapmle!

    Is it correct to say: Set or provide an example? Are there any other verbs?
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    Worthy effort!

    How do we pronouce the "th" part in worthy : For example: This place worthy effort. Is it like "the" or "both?"
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    Take over!

    We say step down or leave the office, what if we want to say that a president has just received the office after the election, what do we normally say? Is it to take over a position.
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    Suffer/ Suffers!

    Which one is correct ? We are all just like this man, suffer/ suffers a lot.
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    At the beginning!

    Is this sentence correct? You refused to give him your shirt at the beginning but then you agreed.
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    Share the burden!

    Is this sentence correct? I'll be relieved my son if you share the burden ( of this family) with me.