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  • Salam and hello,
    Thank you for your letter and your invitation to join the website. I promise to think about this, for the moment I am a bit busy. I would like to know who are you exactly, where you live and what you do in life. From your profile, I can see that you live in Australia, is it right?
    I am 41, married and have two kids. I am a teacher of English in middle school and I live in Algiers.
    Salah Eddine
    hi dear roukaya and happy new year full of success and happyness to you and to all the memebers of your familly,**kol 3am wa antom bialf kheir**.
    Dear Roukaya , I`m fine ...Just lessons is too much and exams are soon-_-
    I`ll visit you after exams more frequently .By the way you`ve changed your avatar-What is it exactly...
    Bye_With best wishes....
    HELLO , dear .I`m fine , thanks God ! How are you ? How is life ? Hope you`re enjoying life !Thanks much for remember me , it`s very lovely from you .
    Bye , with hope to see you soon...
    salam roukaya i wish you are ok ,i miss you dear ,thank you for your message by the the way are you in bousada?,i am busy recently ,take care thallay fi rouhak bazzaf bazzaf buy.
    salam roukaya ,how are you ?i know you were joking with me about your husband and your kids:-D ,we are the algerians we understand each other ,you have a lively wit;-) ,i am ok with RAMADAN, i am a strong girl but sometimes i feel tired because of the hot weather :-(you know,what about you dear?:)
    salam roukaya
    are there news ,hot kisses 4 all the members of your familly ,i don't mean your husband and your kidstake care bye.
    Salam , Roukaya - I understand your reply - How is life in Australia ? Bless Ramadan to you , too !!! How are you doing there ???
    Now , I see don`t forget me - it`s good news - I`m fine thanks! Though it`s so hot there , boiling weather ! Anyway I don`t understand something - you`re Algerian , but you`re located in Australia - how it`s becomes ???
    Look for yourself - Bye!!!
    salam alaikom roukaya
    ramadan is too near , we have peinted the house and decorated it,as you know it is a holy month for all muslims we have to make a great reception for it by by
    hi roukaya
    how are you i am ok ,i wish you are ok too ,thank you for last message take care dear by.
    Salam ! I`m very glad after your last message ! Only sorry for that stupid question - what do you meaning by brother ?
    Bye - Bye :) !
    Hello , Roukaya . Excuse me for disturbance - Maybe you don`t understand me correctly___Mean to say that I want you as a friend for both improvinig our English ! Also there is no problem if you`re younger - are you meaning university by uni ?
    Go on and write soon - BYE !!!
    Hello !!! I`m Azami Asli - You can call me Asli if you want__I`m here to say that I want to be your friend - I`m newbie and I`ve only one friend ! I am hoping you`ll accept my friendship !
    With best wishes - bye !
    as i have promised you ,i have registerd in e-dz and i have presented my self,my user name is"solovelygirl" but i have forgetten the "s":roll:,you will find "olovelygirl",dont laugh at me ok:lol::lol:,buy;-)
    hi ,roukaya:)
    i am from relizane:-D,i have never heard about that site:roll: ,but i am going to rigister in order to be a part of our community;-) ,i lov u too,buy
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