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    Always. And never ;-) English is a weido language. Very loosey-goosey. That is so because about 500 years ago English orthography was messed up by a bunch of immigrant Dutch typesetters and printers who, having spoken Flemish all their lives, had a REALLY hard time deciding what the SOUNDS...
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    the position of " sometimes"

    Caveat: Not a teacher, but... This one is subtle! Your first five examples are all grammatically correct but imply different things: 1: This construction I, for one, would use in reply to a question expressing doubt about a friend's EVER going to work on a bike, e.g. "Wow! He doesn't REALLY...
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    verbs of being

    Caveat: Not a teacher — just a simple DP who had to learn this stuff the hard way :-D Yep. "Year" is the object of the sentence alright. It just happens to be modified by the adjective "great", but that doesn't change its status as the object of the sentence. Here is the full Monty: "It" =...
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    eternality vs eternity

    The word "eternity" is a noun and means "a span of time without end" The word "eternality" is also, strictly speaking, a noun, but it is used as an adjective, i.e it describes a trait of the noun or phase it modifies. It means "having the trait of lasting for a span of time without end"...
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    like a yard of pump water

    Anglika: The skipper's phrase makes perfect sense — to a sailorman :-) "Up'n'down" is a very specific report aboard ship. It is sung out by the man stationed at the hawsepipe while heaving anchor when the anchor chain comes to hang vertically down from the hawse pipe to the anchor still on...