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    To get an even break with someone?

    Hello amigos1 Tom lost 200 dollars to his brother, now he wants to get an even break with him. What does it mean? He wants the money back? Thanks, Sam :)
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    Put or Lay the blame?

    Hello amigos! You put/lay the blame on your wife for your drinking, it´s not cool at all! Which one fits better in the sample above? Thanks in advance, Sam8-)
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    To feel light-headed = Faint-headed?

    Hello amigos! I´d better seeing a doctor, I´m feeling a bit light-headed/faint-headed. Do they have the same sense in the sentence? Thanks, Sam8-)
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    In or On a ship?

    Hello amigos! I used to work on/in a ship when I was younger. ( I was the ship´s cook, it means that I didn´t work on the deck) In this case, what preposition must I use? Thanks a lot, Sam8-)
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    Comb the area?

    Hello amigos! The police combed the whole area for the bank robbers. What does it mean? I had never seen this verb to be used in this sense:-? Thanks, Sam8-)
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    Hard work pays off or is worth?

    Hello amigos! Hard works pays off/ is worth in the end. Does it have similar meaning to "compensate"? Thanks, Sam8-)
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    Puncture or Flat tyre?

    Hello amigos! Which one is more likely used in an everyday conversation? Thank, Sam8-)
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    Out at sea Vs at high sea?

    Hello amigos! My ship is out at sea/ at high sea now. Which one fits better in the sample? Thanks in advance, Sam8-)
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    I was made redundant or I got redudancy?

    Hello amigos! I was made redudant or I got redudancy, Which one fits better? Thanks, Sam8-)
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    Elections are due in Kenya next month?

    Hello amigos! Does it mean that the elections are to be held in Kenya next month? Thanks, Sam8-)
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    He wolfed down his bowl of pasta?

    Hello amigos! He was so hungry he wolfed down his bowl of pasta in minutes. Does this verb mean eat something greedily? Thanks, Sam8-)
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    What´s on your mind/going through your mind?

    Hello amigos! Do they mean the same? Thank in advance, Sam
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    Flattered by?

    Thanks for this clear explanation!! Sam8-):-D:up:
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    Flattered by?

    Hello amigos! Jermaine Jennas has been flattered by José Mourinho to sign Inter Milan. What does the speaker mean by that? Has he been pressurized to sign Inter? Sam8-)
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    Name Vs Tell?

    Hello amigos! Name/tell me the people who you think is less intelligent than you. Do they mean the same in this context? Thanks, Sam8-)