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    Just not nice!

    Plasma is a distinct state of matter. ( thank you Wikipedia!;-) Packing is a nice way to spend an evening.
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    Just not nice!

    They had a strenuous honeymoon. We had a nice lunch.
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    Just not nice!

    He has a charming cold! She has a nice accent.
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    verbs never used in the continuous/progressive aspect

    Hi, Are there any verbs that are never used in the continuous aspect? I've tried looking this up but found the words "usually not used" and am looking for a "never used". Actually if anyone can direct me to where I could find "always and never" rules (I know there aren't many) about the English...
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    does anyone else use some in this manner

    I was curious if any of the native English speakers use some in this way: That dinner you're cooking smells some good. It was some cold this morning. In these sentences some means very, but I'm not sure you could just replace very with some in all situations. I've heard this from folks from...
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    struck / stricken & always struck ??

    Hi Could someone please clarify for me the use of struck and stricken? I've looked it up in the dictionary and under verb / inflection it states, struck also stricken, so does this mean it can be used interchangeably? For instance I was struck-stricken with guilt after having stolen your pen...
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    Group Nouns- singular or plural?

    I was going to post an explanation on another thread until I realized that I first need some clarification, please. I've been taught that group nouns, like family, government ect. can be used with a plural or singular verb conjugation. In Canada, in my experience, we use singular more often...
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    Canadian certification-internationally recognized?

    hi I'm curious about how Canadian certification is viewed internationally. Does the organization granting the certificate matter or is it based more on curriculum + teaching hours ? For instance we have Tesl Canada which is around 150hr course including 25hrs for observation & teaching. Tesl...