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  • Hi Sasha,

    Sorry if i mistook for a female instead than a male.Pardon me.:) I hope you don't mind.:)You seem to have a happy family.Thanks for taking time to reply back to my msg desipte of your busy schedule.I'm just new with TESOL course and actually have just finished one semester.I'm now having my sembreak so work has just preoccupied me.Thank God.:)But will be back at university in June.By the way, which country Serbia belongs to?:) Keep in touch. Best Regards, Diana:)
    Hi Drinnie.
    Thanks for your e-mail.
    Well, there is one small thing that I did not say explicitly, and it is that name Sasha might be used for both genders.
    If I understood you well, you assumed that I am female, but I am not.
    So, fulfilling job could be being a father as well as being a mother.
    By the way, my wife is an art teacher, teaching in primary school.
    So, to avoid confusion, I am male, have three kids and a wife.
    I see that you are pretty much occupied, having in mind what you have written- that you work in an investment company as well as a TESOL student. That definitely gives you an opportunity to talk to people constantly, which is the best way to improve and keep your English polished. I like to speak English, and often use an opportunity to talk to my business friends over many issues, not only business. That gives me the chance to improve fluency and understanding of English.
    I have to go now...
    Best wishes,
    Hi Sasha, it's nice meeting you here.Yes, it's my pleasure to be a friend of yours.You're an interesting person.I see that you're married and have kids.Yes, it's a fulfilling job to become a mother and teach them to be the best they will become.I work for an investment company full time and part time TESOL student.I'm into teaching English and i would appreciate from you if could give me tips to improve my English communication here somehow.I'm 26 and single.I hope through this site i will be able to learn new things especially improve my English and at the same time gain new nice friends as well.Hope to hear from you again Sasha, Take Care Diana from Philippines
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