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    A book of eloquent expressions

    Hello there, I remember I had come across a book that collected eloquent/rhetorical* expressions in my mother tongue language. I wonder if there is such a book in English. Any clues ? Thank you -Sdudah * I mean expressions that are very cool that you would like to use as a writer .
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    Video play back

    Hello there, Let's assume you are a teacher and you told a student to read a passage. If you interrupted the student to explain a word, then you would say "read on please" when you want them to resume reading. Now if you and your little son are watching a video on his computer and you asked...
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    Spoken English contractions of did with what why how etc

    Hello, It is common to find contractions in spoken English with did as in (why'd you do that?) so the question is: can I generalize the example above to make contractions like : - why'd he do that ? - what'd he do that ? - how'd he do that ? What about the other pronouns like they and it ...
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    English constructions - Resources needed

    Thanks Anglika for the useful reply. Even though I need to improve my English sentence construction skills, what I wanted was something that makes me express [complex] ideas as I do in my mother tongue. Learning sentence "grammar" alone may not realize that objective. After reading your post...
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    very good question! I like this sort of questions. -Sdudah
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    English constructions - Resources needed

    Hello, How I wish I had my childhood back! (I copied this) Not to mention how many people are in need (I made this one up - so it is not foolproof) Are there materials (books, articles, etc) taking up these kinds of English constructions? Also what is the field of English that studies...
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    Look it up!

    Thank you for the links. I use OneLook Dictionary Search almost exclusively via Firefox browser's search engine bar. We should encourage the dissemination of free services instead of subscription based ones. -Sdudah