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    Hi. What does it mean that 'thinking' becomes clouded? Thanks in advance
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    [Idiom] place of safety

    Hi. What does it mean to move an attacked chess piece to 'a place of safety' and how does it differ from 'a safe place' or things like that? Thanks in advance!
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    Hi in : "He said, like, 'False preacher!' " Lucero said. Four people hurt in Albuquerque church stabbing - , what does 'like' mean? Thanks in advance
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    Hi. Why is the indefinite article 'an' used in place of 'a' in: "Authorities in a rural area of Northern California have launched a sweeping manhunt for an intruder who fatally stabbed an 9-year-old girl Saturday." ?Thanks in advance!
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    Hi. Does a 'fine' chess move mean a move that is ''very good and admirable'? Thhanks in advance 20 seconds agoContributing Member1,797Joined 18th February 2012 REPLY
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    very few

    Hi.. What does it mean that "suddenly Black's queen has very few squares to retreat to."? Does it mean that the squares are not very insufficient ? Thanks in advance
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    be going to

    Hi. In: "Black thinks he is going to capture White's Bishop" from Play Winning Chess, p.164.(by american GM Yasser Seirawan) What does the use of "be going to" imply? Thanks in advance
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    [General] a most

    Hi.What does it mean that: "[...]capturinng all of you opponent's pieces can be a most effective way of winning the battle." I mean, what does 'a most' mean?I always thought that most is always preceeded by 'the'.Could you please explain the use of the indefinite article? Thanks in advance
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    [Grammar] for+to-inf

    hello. "Now all that remains is for white to checkmate the King." From Play Winning Chess, p.163 Why not simply saying "Now all that renains is that White checkmates the king"?Why using this for-structure? Thanks in advance!