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    Help with forum

    When you click "today's Posts" link, you get to see the heading "Views" beside the "Replies" sign. What does the Views in the forum imply? I tried searching the entire forum for the answer but couldn't find it.
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    Letter writing

    Hello to all.. I want to write a short application for a job opening. Would be grateful if could tell me how to improve it. Draft of the same is given below: Dear Sirs, This has reference to your application in -------(name of newspaper) dated 21-01-2008 for the post of Process Executives...
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    Meaning of the sentence.....

    All of you must have read shakespear's work, "The Merchant of Venice." There is a scene wherein Portia disguises herself as a lawyer to save her husband from Shylock and once done, she is requested to ask for something as a prize and she asks for the Ring that her husband is wearing. When he...
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    Valuer or Valuator?

    Is there such a word as "valuer"? Isn't "valuator" , the correct word to describe a person who gives valuation for a property, item etc?