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    Hi dear Teachers, What is difference between "the majority of people" and "a majority of people" in terms of singular and plural? THANKS
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    Hi dear Teachers, Please, clarify the difference among 'customer', 'consumer', 'subscriber', and 'user'
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    Hello dear Teachers, Please, explain the difference among 'consumer', 'customer', 'subscriber', and 'user' Regards
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    Hi dear Teachers, Please clarify the difference between "It is essential that the government fulfill its promises" and "It is essential that the government fulfilled its promises" :?:
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    What will voice be the passive voice of " His behaviour vexes me". ? "I am vexed at his behaviour" OR "I am vexed by his behaviour" If both are correct, what is the difference? :?:
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    When Was The Last Time You ...

    Just three hours ago. When was the last time you visited a cinema?
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    Hi friends, what will be the indirect of the following sentence? He said, "I hope you will not repeat this mistake"
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    Hi Friends, Is it correct to say? 'He drank to death.:?:
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    [Grammar] difference between Unlike and contrary to

    Hi, please help me by telling the difference between 'unlike' and 'contrary to' with usage examples of the both :?: