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    Hi there, Please help: I am looking for a phrase or sentence that congratulates a male friend of mine who is getting married. tks simon
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    Hi there, Is there any difference between 'are getting...' and 'will be getting..' in the following sentence if I want to refer to a definite plan? 1. Mary and I is getting married in November, 2011. 2. Mary and I will be getting married in November,2011. tks simon
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    Hi there, Mary has invited Paul to her birthday party. But Paul hasn't shown up yet. Mary then called Peter: Mary: Where are you? We are waiting for you. Paul: Oh, I am still working. I can't come to your party. Question 1: Can I use 'can't go' here? tks simon
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    future continous and present progressive

    Hi there, Thanks a lot. Is no. 2 also arrangement? If yes, then what is the difference? Or is no. 2 a causal future? What does it mean by 'causal future'? 1. I am having a meeting with Ann next Monday. (arrangement) 2. I will be have a meeting with Ann next Monday.
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    Hi there, Please help with the following option. I caught (a fish/ fish) yesterday? tks simon
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    Hi there Please proofread After an appeal, my Maths teacher gave me a pass eventually. tks simon
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    Hi there, Please choose the option: 1. Playing sports is good (for/to) our health. 2. Smoking is bad (for/to) our health. tks simon
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    future continous

    Hi there, What is the difference among the following sentence? 1. What time are you meeting Ann tomorrow? 2. What time are you going to meet Ann tomorrow? 3. What time will you meet Ann tomorrow? Tks simon
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    Hi there, Any difference between 'shall' and 'will' in the following sentences: 1.I shall go to England next week. 2. I will go to England next week. 3. I shall be going to England next week. 4. I will be going to England next week. tks simon
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    Hi there, Could you choose the option for me? and why? (We'll have/ We'll be going to have) a big banquet in one of the best hotels in Hong Kong. Let me which one you'd like and (I'll reserve / I'll be going to reserve) that. tks a lot simon
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    Hi there, Please proofread the following paragraph. A lot of American teenagers will spend a week's holiday watching TV. They do less exercise. Spending a week's holiday is too much. This will disturb their social relationships because they will rarely go out to meet their friends. They will...
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    Hi there, Is it correct to say: It's going on lunch. tks simon
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    Hi there, 1. What is the difference between the following sentences when the adverbs are placed in different places? I'm originally from Denver. Originally I'm from Denver. 2. Can I use 'at Lima'? My father is a taxi driver in Lima 3. Can I use 'go back' instead of 'come' We come home...
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    Hi there, How to say '-fully' or '-fully' as ' 'u' is silent? Tks simon
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    Hi there, How to 'agree to', 'agree on' and 'agree about'? Tks simon