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    Hello. Is ''Exquisitive'' an old-fashioned word? I can't find it in most dictionaries.
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    Unfortunately/sadly for her

    Hello. Does the underlined part sould naural? ''She didn't find a job there. She had to move. It was sad for her.''
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    Out of town

    Hello. Are all the three examples correct? 1.''Every weekend she goes out of town''. 2.''Every weekend she goes to the country''. 3.''Every weekend she goes to the countryside''.
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    At/in the restaurant

    Hello. In British English does ''in'' mean the person is sitting inside the restaurant and ''at'' outside of it? For example, ''I am sitting at/in the restaurant of the Ritz hotel''.
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    Fit right

    Hello, Is fit right in an idiomatic expression? Eg., He is one of the mature students on my course. He's fit right in though, he's got more friends than most of us. Thank you!
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    The ''ə'' sound

    Hello, When we combine the words ''mother'' and ''daughter'' we must pronounce the ''r'' sound after mother and the ''and'' must be pronounced as ən and not as ''ənd''. I would be grateful for an explanation. Thank you!
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    A man of action and action man

    Hello! Can these expressions be used interchangeably? A man of action is someone who prefers to do things rather than think about and discuss them. Action man- a man who enjoys dangerous pastimes. The name comes from a toy figurine popular in the 1960s and 1970s...
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    Spur smb/sth (on) to something/to do something

    Hello! I would be grateful if you corrected the second and thrid sentences. The first sentence is taken from a book, and in the other two sentence the construction has been slightly changed. Thanks! 1.The professor spurred on by a bet with a friend, takes on the challenge of changing...
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    Beef up, perk up, jazz up

    Hello! Would it be correct to use either of these phrasal verbs in the sentences below? Do you use them interchangeably? 1.They are taking on more workers to beef up production. 2.Security has been beefed up for the royal visit. Perk up -to improve to become more exciting jazz up-to...
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    Bathos and Desultory

    Hello, Do these words ''bathos'' and ''desultory'' have anything in common? For example, in a desultory converstaion there (perhaps) might be a change from a serious subject to something less important or even silly, but what about feelings? Thank you
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    A little patient or a little more patient

    Hello, Could you correct these sentences, please? I just have to be a little patient.(The speaker is ill, and needs time to fully recover) I just have to be a little more patient. (The speaker is ill and needs time to fully recover) Thanks!
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    Could you please correct my choices?

    Hello, In what situations is it possible to use both ''at'' and ''on'' before ''weekend''? Can you find me … this picture? . on/in/at (On -was my choice) never have free time … the weekends. 1. on/at/in (Here too I chose ''on''. Thank you!
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    How do I improve my writing ability for art history papers/essays?

    Hello, Could you please suggest some books to mprove( art history) essay writing skills? Thank you!
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    Hello, Could you please check if these phrases are corectly rephrased? 00:49:32 It doesn't matter that we were sold out for the whole run! (all the tickets for the show were sold) (The whole run- a continuous series of peformances in this case) 00:49:34 No, look. You got it off your...
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    A question about past perfect tense and 'will' in sentences?

    Hello Could you please look at these sentences below and tell me why it is wrong to use the second 'will' in the first sentence, and the 'will' in the second sentence and if it is wrong or not to use past perfect in the third sentence? Is it acceptable to use past pefect tense after 'when'...