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  • Dear Soup,
    Once you gave me an excellent explanation!

    Could you follow this link and help me?

    It's very important for me.

    Thanks in advance!
    Hello there!
    Can you please help me with this.

    what is the difference between the two?

    Do you have any suggestion?

    Do you have any suggestions?
    Improve the faulty diction in expressions commonly used in professional discourse:

    1. attached herewith

    2. attached please find

    3. hoping for your kind consideration, I remain
    Very truly yours

    4. I am writing to inform you that...

    5. This report is from two to three pages in range

    6. The company & its subsidiaries are the subjects of this report.

    7. Kindly refer to the abovementioned as reference for the succeeding.

    8. The list includes items, as follow:

    9. An agenda is attendance.
    10. For your information and guidance.
    help me please....i really don't know what to do!!!:-(

    Greetings to you, i hope this mail finds you well & healthy and i hope we can established a relationship since we are meeting for the first time,i have gone through a profile that speaks good of you and it interests me to contact you for an assistance to help me transfer the Sum of 6.5 Million USA dollars my father deposited in a bank here in Cote d'Ivoire before he was assasinated.
    will like you to contact me through my private mail box( so that we can know ourselves better.
    Thanks and hoping to hear from you soonest.

    Rita Benson

    What sentence/expression can be used to describe, what a tour guide does?

    Guide took us to various places and made us view the mountains.

    A guide escorts people and helps them in sightseeing.

    I know the above sentences are incorrect, however I am unable to think of proper sentences/expressions to express this thought.

    Hi Soup, I hope you are doing good.
    Please enlighten us with your views on my post on Neutral and Neutralized Accent.
    I really like your posts. They are very helpful. I'm student majoring in Business English. Could we be friends? My English isn't good. I wanna improve my English skills. Your experiece and advice are neccessary to me. You are teacher Shanghai? It's so great. I come from Vietnam. It's my luck to know you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
    Happy days!
    hi, soup i read your explanation about the difference between percent perfect vs past tense in example of went and has gone. Thanks for Excellent article. But my questions is shall i use " she has gone to the prison yesterday " even though present perfect tense not focus the time, also instead of using " she went to the prison yesterday " please sent me to
    Hi, Soup, thank you for your last reply.
    My major is translation. I'm studying the effects of translation on people. May I discuss the question a bit further with you?
    I suppose the two translations versions produce quite different effects on people. The version "stone tiger park" is reflectinf the true meaning of the park where there are stone tigers. While the other"tiger stone park" might be ambiguous". I wonder what image of the park do you have when you read the second version?
    Hi Soup,

    Thanks for answering my question about Standard/Pidgin English.

    Actually I am a student majoring in English and am doing a survey about the development of English, or to be more specific, the change of the English language, under the influence of globalisation. I noticed that you are currently a teacher in Shanghai. I was wondering if you have noticed any expression that is originally Chinglish but is more and more accepted by native English speakers? Could you give me some examples?

    soup I am in shanghai ,too,can we be friends?
    can I invite u to dinner with me?all on me
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