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    Why is "Jacques Strap" laughable?

    Hi there Something similar... our local zoo used to get numerous phone calls asking for Mr C Lion!! The joke wears off after the second phone call Regards Stilo :lol:
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    Page 2 of Business Letter

    Hi nhelton It is normal to continue on blank letter paper (no letter head) There is no requirement for anything else but you can put ...cont) at the top left. Page number can be used but it is not usual. Regards Stilo
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    standard british pronunciation

    Sorry BobK Guess I missed that one! Must have been distracted by the rain. What a horrible wet dull day in the South East!. Regards Stilo :oops:
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    standard british pronunciation

    Hi Fobos. It is difficult to comment on pronunciation but you do appear to be doing well enough on your own with the help of the BBC site. Your written English is fine I have just amended the two words. I know it is only a small change but hope it helps Regards Stilo
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    Cover letter

    It's a pleasure . I do hope you get an interview. I don't know the position that you have applied for but you do have a good 'bag of skills' on paper. You need to sell your USP'S in the interview!!!! Good luck Stilo
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    Cover letter

    I understand SunMoon; you are right in trying different methods and tsee which works. I was just speaking from my personal Personnel/HR experience. It is impossible to tell how any application will be judged. You have to just take your chance. In the UK, applicants often ask for feedback...
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    unhappy with your hair? get a [wi:f]?

    I think they may be advertising ... a wig sounds like it other than wigs are not glued to your head. Hair extentions are glued on to your existing hair.I think. A wig is a toupee or hairpiece, a wig being a full head of hair woven into a cap and worn as a full head of hair. It can be styled...
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    cannot control my temper

    Hi Bosun 1) Cannot improve on it 2) Typo Anyone 3) At the end Consider... decide never again or just...... not to do it again ...not to do it anymore or never again to lose control 4) Fine typo... with capital.... I Remind me never to be around when you lose it!!! Stilo
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    Cover letter

    No problem daffodils! It may help if someone starts a thread on WHAT MAKES US INDIVIDUALS, WHAT ARE OUR UNIQUE SELLING POINTS. There again if we do that none of us will be unique.!!! Ha Ha Stilo
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    Cover letter

    SunMoon Please advise if it is too late for me to proof read your covering letter . I did so, but when I came to submit it I had been logged off. I do think, whilst good, that your covering letter is far too long. Most, in fact all of the contents, should be in your CV. The covering letter...
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    correct the following sentences

    That sounds ok, perhaps we need a bit more of the context to ensure it is correct. Stilo
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    really not sure

    Hi Fang Not to sure what you are getting at, to give an informed reply we need a bit more background on what the subject is all about. Regards Stilo:-?
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    minimum or the smallest?

    Fang Hi In this context, I would say that the smallest complete unit is correct. The minimum would normally refer, if you needed a minimum number of something to make up or into a unit. I hope that make sence, if not please come back and I will try to elaborate, Regards Stilo
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    please correct my text

    Hi Zoe Can I add a little to what Malik has put in that I notice there is nothing in 1. about 20% packed (or unpacked it is not 100% clear in your text) 2. .... ready but not packed or say unpacked. I may be wrong but it is unusual to use cargo in the plural, it is not incorrect the plural...
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    Grammar help

    Hi Zoe, I was just thinking that this forum has made a marked improvement in your English. Whilst you are using it for work purposes, I do not think that it is any different in someone else using it to improve their English for schooling purposes. Any thoughts? I would just change things...