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    [Vocabulary] Word usage

    Hello All, Is the word "rendezvous " English Origin? Thank you, Titus Andrews
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    [Grammar] preposition

    Hello All, Can we end a sentence or a question with a preposition? Thank you, Titus Andrews
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    [General] Dictionary

    Someone please help!!! Is cambridge and oxford dictionary British? If so, please suggest a good american dictionary. Is there any governing body, which sets standards for American English?
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    [Grammar] Puncutation usage

    Hello All, Is it ok to use a comma before a name. Ex: 1. Please come here, John. 2. I am glad to hear that, John. Thank you, Titus Andrews
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    [Grammar] Usage of the word "to"

    Hello All, Today's question! 1. Explain me the problem. :cross: 2. Explain to me the problem.:tick: 1. Send me an email. 2. send an email to me. This highlighted statements above is what I have issues with. Are they both correct? If "explain me" is grammatically incorrect "send...
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    [General] Word usage

    :up:Hello All, Can we use the word "infer" in the email when we have to say to the other person that we have understood what was said by them. From your email, I infer that... Thanks for your help in advance:up::up:
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    [Vocabulary] Word usage

    Hello there, Is there a word called "confliction"? I have gone through a few online dictionaries and some say it is and some it is not. Could someone help me please.... :up:
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    [Grammar] Preposition usage

    Hello, could someone tell me which sentence mentioned below is correct and why. 1) what software is installed on my computer? 2) what software is installed in my computer? Thanks in advance.
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    Talk And Speak

    ;-)Hey thanks for the reply. I did search in the forum before bringing this up, but i wasnt able to find it. I am sorry if i troubled you.
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    Talk And Speak

    Guys, Any answers:?::?:
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    Talk And Speak

    Hi All, I would like to know the difference between 'Talk' and 'Spoke'. When to use them and how they work. Thanks in advance :up:
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    Thanks very much for all your help. But the initial issue with these sentences were: My hobbies are to dance, to surf on the internet and to read books. (or) My hobbies are dancing, surfing on the internet and reading books. I heard most of them saying the second sentence would be...
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    hi all, could someone explain to me if the word "to" is an infinitive. if so please explain. thankyou Titus
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    hi, is there any particular reason why the first sentence should not be used?
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    Hello, Could someone clarify on this sentence please... my hobbies are to dance, surf on the internet and to read books. (Is this sentence correct, if so please explain to me in detail) my hobbies are dancing, surfing on the internet and reading books. Thank you in advance:up: