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    Misspellings becoming accepted alternates?

    Last night I had a fascinating exchange on a question of idiomatic and natural word choice in Hindi. The person I was discussing it with mispelled a word by inverting a couple of letters, so that instead of laajavaab it came out as laajabaav (transliterated). I looked up her spelling in several...
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    Possessive apostrophe?

    A nurse I work with as a study partner/part-time tutor is currently working on an assingment. We had cobbled together a rough draft which she got her lecturer to review. One of the corrections that came back has me a little puzzled. The lecturer wants this: The Hawthorne study showed the...
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    Close reading texts for 14-yr old?

    I am currently working with a 14-yr old Punjabi boy who moved here with his family around six months ago. His English comprehension is quite serviceable, but his school reports indicate a problem with production of English and with close reading. We are currently working on his paragraph...
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    "Set" is intransitive?

    I often take the online quizzes at before using them with my students, to make sure I know what I'm doing. Tonight, I took a quiz on "Transitive or Intransitive", and got marked as 9/10. The score page said: "The questions you got wrong: 4: 'Set' is transitive." I...
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    Awkward tense construction

    How can I best harmonise the tenses in these sentences, relating to a study conducted in 2003: "In 2003 it was estimated that there were 177 million people worldwide with Diabetes. In the following 25 years it is estimated that the incidence of Diabetes would increase by 165%"
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    An awkward negative construction

    I have a question about a translation. A favourite qawwali of mine starts like this: है अगर दुश्मन ज़माना ग़म नहीं कोई आये कोई जाये हम किसी से कम नहीं hai agar dushman zamaanaa gham nahiin koii aaye koii jaaye hum kisii ke kam nahiin I received the above lines in a daily sher email I subscribe...
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    Where to start?!

    First, some background. I have been working as tutor for the last 3-4 years with a Punjabi friend. I helped her study and prepare for her bachelor's degree and her registration exam, and for the last two years have been assisting her with her Master's assignments. Over the course of our...
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    Idiomatic preposition choice

    Or perhaps the subject line could have been "Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" I'm on the prowl for some good basic material for beginner's ESOL lessons. I came across a 10-question quiz on prepositions, and got one wrong! Here it is: Q: He works ____ a bank. (1) in (2) at (3) on (4) to The...
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    Pros and cons of using transliteration in ESOL?

    I am about to start helping the sister of a friend learn English. I worked as a tutor with my friend, helping her study for and pass her nursing baccalaureate and registration exams., and I'm currently helping her with her Master's. One of the tools I've used is to transliterate English words...