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    [General] Where is the focus with many tasks?

    Hello everyone I'm here to talk about focus on what to do. :) From two days I lost many times to finish my work because sometime I was unfocused and had many things to finish. I'm working on IT department. A lot of stuff suffering from some issues on outlook or internet or something like that...
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    My sitiuation when I studied in the institute.

    Hi there , super is here I would say many thanks to Steve and AJ.Hog. They are changed me how to learn and how to love English language.I spent a lot of time with the language. Now, my listing is improving more than before. It's wonderful. Let me say something bad habit when I was studied...
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    How can I improve my sound ?

    Hi there Today I listen the bad English article Of course we are not say my English is bad or terrible and should I say I'm excellant speaker like a native speaker ^_^ ( I really hope that). But when I record my sound on a computer and read the same article I felt my sound is not good or not...
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    About English books in centers

    Hello Everybody I have a question:- What is the different between Intro change and top notch? Because some centers tech them. and what is the best book to study English Language? Thank you all
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    My letter...just try ^_^

    love your brother as you love yourself. This is very important method to live happy in your heart. Do not let anyone to hate your friend or brother.Write many goals and should be excite like a sailor and open the sails and sailed to your goals.Do not settle for second best. Forget the past...
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    [General] Uncle and Aunt?

    Hello Everyone I have question: Can I use Aunt for brother my mother or spicail sister my mother? because someone told me use uncle for male and Aunt for female?
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    What do I do with them

    In my chest has a lot of words about "what the people said to me of hurt adjectives" and I can't remove it from my chest. I talk myself are they said that from them chest? or just joke with me? or am I really have these adjectives? However, I try ignore what they said to me. I didn't know do I...
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    [General] what is the mean reason ?

    Sometime I'm getting negative results on my quizzes, tests but I'm study hard ! Also I want to read book like novel but I didn't have any excited.Why? what is the main reason for this happen?
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    Could you help me please ?

    Hello teacher I want book or story in all tenses . I mean the same story in the past , present , future and perfect . this is important to me .I searched but I didn't find anything .
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    [General] My write from my mind

    Hi there Today I will try to write a paragraph from my mind and the title is My Adventure :-D . Upon one days I went to the marketing with my family in my city when I was a small age. In this place someone who has a big stomach and sharp eyes. He has a small car with control. He hits anyone...
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    [General] The punctuality

    Hello everyone I'm new member and I'd like to talk about punctuality ....yes punctuality.When I talk someone on the phone or meet them face to face and told him or them I will wait you at 10:0:0 exactly or sharp OK .But someone late maybe one hour or more.what I do ? I feel angry...